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The war in Zhongzhou comprehensive upgrade "asked" the new piece of information constantly exciting — people.com.cn game original title: Zhongzhou war upgrade "asked" the new piece of information constantly exciting "asked" the new piece of information "summon wind and call for rain hot open beta new system, new gameplay, new activities, Yao world debut, massive open exciting content of Zhongzhou competitive new era. Blood cultivation way, "asked" the new journey is a prelude to new, not to be missed! Guards welfare, red 2799 yuan delivery "asked" the new piece of information "summon wind and call for rain shock beta, 2799 yuan a red envelope" is not limited to delivery, invite friends to fight! "Summon wind and call for rain new information on the film after the new service opens, game player can receive" asked "to distribute 2799 yuan package, best props, exquisite fashion range, more senior jewelry, rare equipment to send, walks friends 140, boosting speed rise, dominate the Zhongzhou! The characteristics of welfare activities, Citylink carnival night "asked" the new piece of information "summon wind and call for rain will shock beta," new "Dongfu challenge" activities hot strikes. After the event opens, the system will be announced to the corresponding map into the game player through the exploration Dongfu announcement, a total of three star cave exploration difficulty, choose a difficulty to open after entering the first stage play, choose the same star difficulty need to work together to beat the BOSS game player mozun before entering the second stage cave. She challenges there are three stages, each stage of the task is different, the difficulty is increased gradually. A successful challenge will get rich experience, practice value and magic Daoxing, Taoism and other rich rewards! New gameplay, bringing new game fun! Multiple gifts, "spent nine days" to open a new service tomorrow "asked" the new piece of information, preheat the new service "spent nine days" tomorrow is about to open a new service exclusive gifts big run. Landing new service can get 2699 yuan worth of red envelopes. More official cos group invited the majority of players went to Zhongzhou to participate in new service activities, experience the new game fun. Blood cultivation Road, younger to battle, opened an extraordinary journey cultivation!   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: