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Zhong An insurance company established a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiaoshan technology will output the blockchain cloud platform Phoenix Technology News News November 2nd, Zhong An insurance announced the formal establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiaoshan Information Technology Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Xiaoshan technology"). Xiaoshan technology chairman Jiang Xing said that the future will increase the blockchain, R & D Application of new technology of artificial intelligence.   Zhong An insurance established a wholly owned subsidiary of Xiaoshan? According to reports, the future of science and technology, Xiaoshan will output a block chain platform cloud platform, adhere to long-term exploration in artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing and big data in four areas. At present, Xiaoshan technology has a series of incubation of innovative products, and provide support for the chain block, image recognition, intelligent technology contracts.   in the digital marketing level, Xiaoshan technology and third party data security service providers LOCKet cooperation, the underlying technology features can not be tampered with, go to the center block based on chain, explore a set of data security solutions. This scheme can provide users with data security, help solve the "party scene channels abuse of user data" problem. At the same time, intelligent products R & D investment Xiaoshan also entered the stage of simulation. At present, the domestic financial advisor with lower coverage, intelligent investment products of artificial intelligence and big data can help more people solve the problem based on investment, make money more fair, but also can solve the high net worth crowd sea Investment demand. In addition, Xiaoshan technology has also recently launched a public security platform "state", for all types of Internet companies, industry associations, public service platform, vertical crowd customization cooperation community, combined with the daily risk of public mutual and commercial insurance in the form of scattered users.  相关的主题文章: