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Zhengzhou to sell at high prices issued late Zheng nine emergency cooling the property market source: surging news late on the night of September 14th, the Zhengzhou municipal government website linked to the "Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government Office on the promotion of circular" sustained and stable and healthy development of the real estate market, contains a total of 9, one of the main measures is to limit land prices soar. Emergency dispatch, 14, Zhengzhou has just experienced a long time to sell the land for a long time of 11. According to newspaper reports, after 636 long rounds of bidding, and Zheng out [2016] No. 026 to a total of 2 billion 824 million land transactions, the price has exceeded the previous "Zheng textile" and "North Longhu No. 13" high fever "after the block, North Longhu No. 14", in the Zhengzhou block all price "the runner up". In the history of the longest land sold at the same time, 14, Zhengzhou City Land Bureau has also suspended the original was scheduled for September 29th to shoot the soil Zheng Zhengdong [2016] to sell the land, 16. Suspension of the transfer at the same time, Dahe quoted analysts as saying that regulatory measures may be introduced. Four hours after the completion of the land transfer, the Zhengzhou municipal government website linked to the regulation of emergency notice, to cool the overheated land market. According to the insiders, "Zheng nine", "the most garish" content is about the high price of land "restrictions", the appearance of the control policy of midnight, at some point, can be tailored to curb land heat "". To control the land market overheating policy including two: the first is to adjust the land transfer mode based on the assessment of land price, standard land price and the market price guide reasonable residential land and residential land for other compatible with the initial listing price. Zheng Dong New District, Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone, land transfer, hanging net offers over 50% premium rate, net price suspension, taking limited land, competing prices ", namely price determined in net hanging bidders site competitive prices, comprehensive prices low bid bidder. The city’s five district and the Zhengzhou high tech Zone land transfer, hanging net offers over 50% premium rate, net price hanging suspended, involved in net hanging bidders last live quotes, according to listing notes and other related provisions, determine bidder. The second is to sell the margin ratio increased to 100% in large shantytowns land, residential land and residential land compatible other land transfer bid bond payment ratio increased to 100%, the premium part of land leasing in the land transfer contract was signed within 10 working days after payment. In addition, the policy also includes the strengthening of the real estate business sources of funding review, and strict management of the price of new homes, the notice since September 18th to start the implementation of. Report: Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Government Office on promoting the sustained and stable and healthy development of the real estate market (Quan Wen) county (city, district) people’s government, the Municipal People’s Government of the relevant departments, the relevant units: in order to maintain the real estate market continued stable and healthy development, according to the general requirements of the national classification regulation, applied by the city policy, combined with the new situation and new characteristics of the city’s real estate market, through the theory相关的主题文章: