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Zheng Wenzhi: this year in the end how much Sohu comments arrived at the beginning of the month is seven, streets and lanes have no go Pro Series friends of people, all units have formal work, this year even with joy over, and some smart housewife since the beginning of this year the economic accounts: how much money? An elderly couple living in a residential area has been retired for more than twenty years, and 5 children have become adults. The lunar year, son, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren were coming home for 17, in the "chaos" on the two day, the two old people in addition to assume that more than a dozen people to eat and drink, but also to the children "gift money", regardless of the child size of everyone 500 yuan, leaving the two old people with many children also make each "delicious". After the event, the old two mouth one account, remove the children’s filial piety 5000 yuan, this year and took in more than 5300 yuan, and their pension adds up to the whole year is only 40000 yuan. After the children dispersed, the old two had to start a frugal life again. In the visit, a surname of Xiao’s individual female boss’s new year consumption account makes the author marvel. She came out of a remote countryside, after graduation and her husband to start a business with a gift company, a few years ago, business is very prosperous, every year after the holidays home, generous, especially chic. Now, to do business, revenue decline, but also feel shy with previous big contrast, and is still the same as in the past, the brothers and sisters and their uncles and other relatives of the children, a shot is 1000 yuan per person "gift money"; their four people are three miles away. She told the author: "this year, including for the younger generation who send gift money, buy clothes for old people to buy gifts for relatives and friends, for the whole family to dress up, I spent more than 30000 dollars, it really hurts a bit, earn some money now is not easy. However, very busy for a year, not for this new year’s celebration? Everyone in the family that my years’ hair ‘, has become a’ rich ‘, others will say I shot stingy "stingy"." New year’s money for children, is a long-standing tradition of folk. But now the "lucky money" has been turned over and turned up, up and up, the children after a year, most of you can earn more than 4000 yuan of "lucky money"". The author learned from a young woman who worked in a supermarket that she had just two years old son, the "lucky money" during the Spring Festival is 12550 yuan, which does not include relatives and friends to buy clothes and toys for the child, and the mother’s annual salary is less than 24000 yuan. According to her, to the children "lucky money" is the most grandfather, grandmother and two aunts, they have taken 2000 yuan each, the least is still in the University of children’s uncle, gave 50 yuan. So, the children’s new year’s "lucky money" is more than half of her annual income, whether there is pressure in the heart? She said: "this is the reciprocity of the things, if you just don’t give money to people is refuting the other’s face, and to owe a favor, but also slowly." He grew up in Shenyang, graduated from high school and walked into a military camp in the south:

郑文芝:这个年到底花了多少钱-搜狐评论  转眼到了正月初七,街头巷尾已没有了走亲串友的人流,各单位也已经正式上班,这个年也就算是欢欢喜喜地过完了,而一些精明的家庭主妇开始算起了经济账:这个年到底花了多少钱?  家住某居民小区的一对老年夫妇,退休均已二十载余,5个儿女均已成人。农历大年初二,儿子、儿媳、女儿、女婿加上孙子辈的共来了17口,在家里足足“乱”了两天,老两口除要承担这十几口人的吃喝外,还要给孩子们发“压岁钱”,不管孩子大小每人都发了500元,离开时老两口还让每个儿女带上不少“好吃的”。事后,老两口一算账,除去儿女们孝敬的5000元钱外,这个年又搭进去了5300多元,而他们的退休金加起来全年也不过40000元。待儿女们散去后,老两口不得不又开始了节俭的生活。  在走访中,一位姓肖的个体女老板的过年消费账很令笔者惊叹。她从一个偏僻的农村走出来,大学毕业后和老公一同创业开一家礼品公司,前几年生意异常红火,每年过节回家后都出手大方,显得特别潇洒。而今,生意难做,收益下滑,但也不好意思与往年出现大的反差,于是仍象过去一样,对其兄弟姐妹及其叔伯等亲戚家的孩子,一出手就是每人1000元的“压岁钱”;自家四口人皆是里外三新。她对笔者说:“过这个年,包括给晚辈们发压岁钱,给老人们买衣服,给亲友们买礼物,给全家打扮,我足足花了三万多块,说起来还真有点心疼,现在挣点钱太不容易了。不过,辛辛苦苦忙了一年,不就盼这年节的喜庆吗?家里人都说我这几年‘发’了,也成了‘富婆’了,出手小气了别人会说咱‘抠门儿’。”  过年给孩子们发“压岁钱”,是由来已久的传统民俗。可如今的“压岁钱”早已是翻了又翻,涨了又涨,孩子们过个年,多数可以挣上4000多元的“压岁钱”。笔者从一位在某超市供职的年轻母亲口中得知,她刚刚两岁多的儿子在春节期间得到的“压岁钱”是12550元,这还不包括亲戚朋友给孩子买的衣服和玩具,而这位母亲的年薪还不足24000元。据她介绍,给孩子“压岁钱”最多的是爷爷、姥姥和两个姨妈,他们都各拿了2000元,最少的是还在读大学的孩子舅舅,给了50元。那么,孩子过年的“压岁钱”比她年收入的一半还要多,心里是否有压力呢?她说:“这是礼尚往来的事情,如果人家给钱你硬是不要就很驳人家的面子,要了又欠下一份人情,只能等以后慢慢还了。”  从小在沈阳长大、高中毕业走进南方某军营,就地转业后在政府机关工作的代某,因工作关系已连续五年春节没有回老家过年。今年春节一家三口回到老家,尽管往返均订购了打折机票,但也花去了近5000元,加上给老人、兄弟姐妹及晚辈们购买衣服、小吃、礼物和到家后给老人的红包、孩子们的压岁钱,总共花去了21000多元。对此,代某的爱人是这样看待的:“老人把我们养大吃了不少苦,我们也不能经常回来,多花几个钱尽尽孝心也是应该的。”  对于普通工薪家庭来说,大多数人的年收入在40000~60000元之间,但如果过一个年就花去年收入的一半甚至更多,恐怕春节带来的就不仅仅是祥和与欢乐了。过年图的就是个高兴,如果因为过度花费而给来年生活带来压力,这就有点过犹不及了,所以凡事一定要量力而行。  郑文芝  原标题:相关的主题文章: