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Zhejiang Futures: long and short alternating high shock leading iron ore clients view the latest market operation strategy: iron ore remain high and volatile, interval rolling operation. Subject: 1701 iron ore contract shock interval: 380-460 yuan per ton basis operation: in the "golden nine silver ten" under the influence of the real estate sales may further improve; to continue to promote the production of iron and steel industry capacity control is still valid. At present, the steel industry profits decline, but the proportion of the profits of steel is still large, the recent steel mills operating rate remained high, and the port inventory is low, the demand for minerals to support. The basis is too large, there is demand for iron ore to repair. However, the purchase of the second tier cities under the restriction of credit policy intensive introduction, or subsequent lack of power; coupled with steel mills continue to decline in profits, will adversely affect the subsequent demand for iron ore. Medium iron ore will remain high shock. 1 steel demand 1.1. golden nine silvers ten season, real estate sales can be expected in 2016 1-7 months, the national commercial housing sales area of 757 million 600 thousand square meters, an increase of 26.4%, the growth rate down 1.5 percentage points over 1-6 months. Total area of commercial housing sales growth has been three months of decline, but the 1-7 month growth rate of decline over the previous two months is slowing down, and the main July real estate sales to pick up sharply on. From the August price data have been published and transaction area data, 8 real estate sales growth will expand again. City residential price index released in September 1st shows that in August the overall prices rose 2.17%, compared with the previous month or expanded 0.54 percentage points; the first-tier cities rose 2.35%, or 0.36 percentage points QoQ to expand; second tier city rose 1.92% QoQ, widened by 0.27 percentage points; the three line of the city rose 1.12%, rose 0.37 QoQ to expand percentage points. To accelerate the speed. Figure 1: commercial housing sales area and the cumulative increase (%)         source: wind, Zhejiang futures research center of     Figure 2: 100 city prices (%) source: wind, Zhejiang Futures Research Center, as of August 31st, the cumulative turnover of 30 large and medium-sized city commercial housing area the average daily turnover of 25 million 692 thousand and 400 square meters, 82.87 square meters, up 26.8% over the same period last year. Among them, the first tier cities rose 15.8% year on year, second tier cities rose by 34%, the city of the same line rose by 18.9%. Total turnover of commercial housing area to pick up, first and three lines of real estate sales grew steadily, second tier cities to maintain high growth in sales of goods. Sales to pick up again, the source of real estate development funding growth or re expansion, short-term investment promotion. "Golden nine silver ten" the arrival, real estate sales may further improve. But the majority of second tier city introduced the property market tightening policy, the "golden nine silver ten" later, the sale of real estate or fall, the current is perhaps the last carnival. Graph.相关的主题文章: