Youth is not old! Lgd.fy to break the LGD qualifier west side Boston dxperience

Youth is not old! LGD.FY to break the LGD qualifier west side Boston? The last day of October, accompanied by the gloomy weather and depressing atmosphere, 2016 DOTA2 Boston special autumn Championship qualifying China ushered in the final two days of battle, with his B P wisdom and rich experience of the game and players play a brilliant debut. Tickets for the steady LGD.FY2:0 Lectra Boston iG.V first to get promotion; and consolation finals of the tournament again in the face of their own "victims" iG.V young LGD game three final 1:2 defeat to rivals, regret bid farewell to the fall classic stage. Youth: brother to join xiao8& Yao; shining autumn during the primary election? Team cycling points race LGD.FY but only in VG.J and LGD during the civil war to lose two points, and they entered the playoffs is the first round in the 50 gain victory with unstained swords, 2:0 minutes away team overtime has eliminated iG EHOME.K is Yuezhanyueyong. Xiao8 and Yao the former LGD Gemini now already ridicule into "we two brothers", but today they are wonderful play, let the LGD.FY not to be optimistic about the "old team" break the devil China qualifiers, rushed into the race in autumn season! The final LGD.FY vs iG.V? Group, the first game of Lafayette took out 8 pilot skills charged soul, Dragon Knight’s mystery meat nuclear propulsion system, although opponents have been selected for restraint to silence hidden puncture and early development and field battle strokes, but still not able to stop the xiao8 skills to play more several key strokes people control, not deterrence zoom trick to iG.V at a loss, eventually defeated. Second? IG.V helpless Ban off the mystery, but LGD.FY did not panic, still took jakiro with pat, skarner, bear dragon knight with witch control reply Gank propulsion system, and in the medium-term gradually began to accumulate advantages, although there are several mid high processing errors, let the opponent turn from passive to active, but the key time LGD veteran Gemini Yao and xiao8 stood out, two of the king and jakiro continuous play in several deadly crossfire and explosion control output to save the crisis, the final opponent, 2:0 won the Bo3 victory, Boston successfully broke into the line! ? in particular, No. three King Yao in the second field surgeon, is playing a game high 22362 damage output, not only beyond the core of iG.V, even his brother pat bear Dragon Knights are unmatched! Really can be described as I Yao day! ? of course, in addition to xiao8 and Yao two brothers to play a brilliant surgeon, two Dragon Rider Super B P hand, Baoshen road LPC and four old and new "adorable new" Monet has an impeccable play, then we will introduce a few special players to everyone, please look forward to! I hope in the autumn of December in Boston tournament arena, LGD.FY can continue)相关的主题文章: