Youth away from home to swallow 40 painkillers fortunately no harm has been taken home

Juvenile runaways swallow 40 painkillers fortunately no serious family has been picked up from the Beijing morning news (reporter He Xin) August 26th morning, the Beijing West Railway Station police station received a report that a boy suspected tunyao alone came to the station. Police immediately in the station to carry out the search, and finally found a 40 year old boy swallowed the pain of the pill of 17. After understanding, the Department of Handan boys, and family because of contradictions and ran away from home. Police immediately contact their doctors and their families, the boy is not affected by the diagnosis, has been taken away by his family. 26 at 2:15 or so, Beijing West Railway Station police command center received a taxi driver said the police, which just sent a teenage boy. The boy went to the Beijing West Railway Station South Square under the car, he spit in the car, when he said he had to eat 40 drugs, do not know what medicine. After receiving the report, the boy to safety, director on duty immediately request the first floor of the north, north of the two floor, waiting area, North ticket office positions all duty police to act quickly to start to find work in the area. 2:30, police on duty in the south in the ticket office window No. 65 found the boy. At first the boy didn’t want to talk with the police, feeling extremely depressed, after police patience persuasion. The boy told police that his name is high, 17 years old, Hebei, Handan. The boy said he ran away from home because of a quarrel with his father and took 40 painkillers. The police saw a boy vomit, immediately call 120 emergency personnel to the scene to check and found no serious physical, police fear of the collapse, immediately bought the food and water. Because the boy in the juvenile stage, but the mood is very low, the police at the scene to the police station to pick up a call to the guardian. Day 2:50, the police will be taken to the police station for juvenile care. The police learned by telephone to ask his father, a small, high current did not go to school, because of the small high grandpa hemiplegia need care at home, family difficulties, his father to go out to work, but is not willing to go to small high workers earn under, to this quarrel with his father, went away. That child was found in Beijing, the family rushed to the night ride. 7:30, young family arrived from Handan station police station, the family saw the boy safe and sound, excitedly holding the hand of the police repeatedly praise (see photo), and immediately take out cash to police by the police declined to appreciate. At present, small high has returned home with his family. Railway police for map相关的主题文章: