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Young sports Yan material   100 thousand to start the SUV Recommendation — car — original title: young sports material to start the 100 thousand Yan SUV recommended if the budget is about 100 thousand, want to buy a stylish appearance, excellent dynamic SUV can have what good choice? Many car users are very confused about how to choose. In fact, recently there are several good brands listed on the SUV, such as Geely imperial GS, Roewe RX5 and earlier listed trumpchi GS4. These cars are partial to exercise and take into account the practical SUV home, about 100 thousand of the cost of Car Buying is very attractive for many young consumers, let’s take a detailed look at these three cars. Geely imperial GS guidance: guidance price: 7.78-10.88 yuan imperial GS appearance, can be said to be the youngest and most rich international design sense models three car body design, it adopts the fashionable crossover style. The new family style design is the most auspicious, the upper and lower air intake with chrome trim. Imperial GS will be divided into elegant version and the sports version of the two models, the other version of the sport is more dynamic, back area family type grille shape more, silver trim front surrounded by a particularly striking. In the rear, the car is relatively compact design, the rear lights inside the bar looks very delicate. Due to the unique design, so that the car tail recognition is very high. At the rear end of the car, you can see this car is equipped with a total of bilateral exhaust, highlighting the sense of movement. New car body size length and width of 44401833 1560mm, wheelbase reached 2700mm. The interior, imperial GS interior design using the family language, many of the details and the bullyear as before. The interior of the car with two colors with the interior of the grid in the control panel more fashion sense. Car dashboard with double traditional instrument collocation central color LCD screen design, and equipped with a chrome frame, a blue background light to its excellent visual effects. Interior materials and workmanship is commendable, so that people feel more like a joint venture model. The imperial GS configuration, equipped with a 8 inch full screen touch control screen, keyless entry, a key start, TPMS intelligent tire pressure monitoring system, ESP electronic stability system, EPB electronic parking brake system, AUTOHOLD automatic parking system, ACC adaptive cruise control system, pre crash safety system and intelligent vehicle G-netlink G-link mobile phone system and interconnection system etc.. Power, the new Geely Dorsett GS based on FE platform to build, will provide 1.3T, 1.8L two kinds of power for consumers to choose, the maximum output power of 129 horsepower and 133 horsepower. Transmission system and engine matching is 6 speed manual or 6 speed DCT dual clutch gearbox. Comment: Geely imperial GS is a multifunctional SUV cross a movement toward appearance, from the design of the body has reached the level of joint venture vehicle, interior materials is more delicate, can compete with international brands. From the whole body)相关的主题文章: