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Xuchang, a Holiday Inn under the back of the hands of the hands of the customer back rub off a layer of skin, Xuchang, Holiday Inn, a hand back to the back of the hands of the hands of the customer back layer

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Xuchang blue coast back rub hands down the back of the customer hand skin

Dahe · Dahe client correspondent Du Wenyu correspondent

9 month 30 days, Xuchang a gentleman to Dahe River · client reporters reflect him to 3 days ago in Xuchang City Bayi Road Xuchang blue coast Holiday Inn bath, rub back by rubbing the alleged retaliation, causing a large palm of his back skin was rubbing broken, now scab, has not yet recovered.

he recalls the night in the Xuchang blue coast Holiday Inn on the first floor of the bath, rub back to meet 2 acquaintances, greeted each other. Lie down and rub back, claiming 36, said that he was working back rubbing oil, hand to bring a plastic bag, this is the volcano mud, special oil, a bag. He replied that he didn’t take so much money when he took a bath. Rub back workers are not willing to ask, you are not 3 people together, let them settle accounts. He said, he and others just know, say hello to each other, how can let people check out. After listening to these words, rub back to work to promote the use of mud.

was the customer refused to rub back, apparently impatiently rubbing the back way messy, is no longer a soft sink powerful, but hastily to cope with trouble. Even more angry is the gentleman, a piece of skin back neck palm should be rubbing broken, go home after two days with Iodophor only better. Although a few days later, still did not break the skin over rehabilitation.

"to the bar at the checkout, I feel the neck burning pain, that is skin broke." The man said that he called a woman on the first floor of the complaint. Said the manager, so that they understand the situation. At that time did not leave contact information, blue coast Holiday Inn to understand the situation, he did not know.

is reported that the blue coast of Xuchang in the local is a feature of a well-known bath enterprises in Xuchang City, there are a number of chain bath center. However, such a high-end bath center, how could such an event happen?

is the main reason for the Xuchang blue coast Holiday Inn management loopholes exist. A lawyer in Xuchang City, first of all, the lack of employee occupation ethics training, to promote the customer repeatedly rub back charges, is the performance of the country, after being rejected or even cope with "revenge" customer is the lack of occupation morality; secondly, to accept the customer complaint mechanism is not perfect, it will cause customer complaint events no one to ask or not to make up for the loopholes, settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, solve the contradiction, even internal processing, no feedback to the customer, still can not get the customer understanding.

is currently undertaking stage, many enterprises management is weakness. The lawyer believes that both the enterprise >