Xinjiang local snow, Beijing Tianjin Hebei – Beijing haze Zaixi easeljs

Xinjiang local snow Tianjin, Beijing haze Zaixi – China weather network news since November, snow northeast, northern Xinjiang increased significantly, Xinjiang Tacheng and other places even the heaviest snowfall since the beginning of winter. It is expected that in the next three days, Xinjiang will continue to snow in the north, there are large local snowstorm. For Beijing and Tianjin and other places, in recent days there has been a wide range of fog and haze, haze on yesterday, but today evening, good times don’t last long, a new round of haze days followed, will continue to 18. Xinjiang northeast snow "shift" in the next three days Xinjiang local still snow since November, northern Xinjiang, Eastern Inner Mongolia, northeast snowfall increased significantly. Yesterday, there was a heavy snow in northern Xinjiang, in some places there are heavy snow. Monitoring shows that last 5 since 5, Xinjiang and Qinggil Fuyun rainfall reached 11 mm and 14 mm, is the magnitude of the blizzard. 12, 2009, Xinjiang border guards in Aletai rescue trapped vehicles. (photo:) today, snow in northern Xinjiang has strengthened again. Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that 15 to 18, northern Xinjiang will have continuous snowfall process. In some areas of Aletai, Tacheng and Yili Valley and other places with heavy snow weather, local heavy snowstorm, the cumulative snowfall of up to 15 ~ 40 mm, high altitude mountainous local up to 60 mm. Snow depth of 20 ~ 30 cm, the local area of up to more than 40 cm. So, the northern part of Xinjiang before and after the snow lasted for about 10 days, part of the site in mid November the cumulative snowfall may exceed the same period in the history of extreme value, since the snow depth in some places will hit in November the deepest snow record. Due to the recent Xinjiang, the Northeast snowfall frequently, and snow is big, the relevant departments need to snow and ice road attention could adversely affect the cause of highway, railway, civil aviation, power facilities and other secondary disasters. In addition, yesterday in the southern North China, Northeast China and Eastern Huang Huai 4 to 6 northerly winds. Affected by precipitation, high winds, the temperature dropped 4 to 8 degrees Celsius, the local cooling rate reached about 10 degrees celsius. The next few days, affected by cold air, the northeast region, especially in Heilongjiang, the temperature will continue to be low, Heilongjiang, Jilin, most of the highest temperature will be generally below freezing point. In the provincial capital city, for example, 16, the highest temperature in Harbin is only -3. 20 days ago, the impact of cold air activities in China frequently, range north, north area changing temperature fluctuations, the public should pay attention to timely change of clothing, pay attention to keep warm. Tianjin today a new round of haze days struck again continue to 18 in recent days, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, haze and cold air staged a "tug of war", alternately. Yesterday morning, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other provinces also encountered fog and haze invasion, there have been many severe pollution. However, yesterday noon, with the cold air southward, the haze weather gradually weaken or disappear, continuing fine weather during the day today. But this evening Beijing air pollution good times don’t last long, Hebei and other places.相关的主题文章: