Wuhan University alumni 10 years for his alma mater donated to help build 7 buildings (Photos) (vide chompoo araya

Wuhan University alumni 10 years for his alma mater donated to help build 7 buildings (Photos) yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan University, 1995 to the end of 2015, 20 years in Wuhan University received the donation agreement the total amount reached 1 billion 453 million yuan, of which, the alumni donated 1 billion 231 million yuan. Wuhan University alumni donations for the campus infrastructure construction projects and project grants. In recent 10 years, the Wuhan University has 7 buildings and funded in Wuhan University Alumni donation. The 7 buildings are Wan Lin Art Museum building, Graduate School of computer, building, building, gymnasium, zall arts building, science building billion weft electrochemical. Among them, Wan Lin Museum of art by the chairman and CEO of Taikang Life Insurance Limited by Share Ltd Chen Dongsheng donated to help build, Graduate building by the Wuhan contemporary Polytron Technologies Inc founder Ai Luming donated to help build, zall stadium from zall Holdings Ltd. chairman Yan Zhijuan funded construction, building a comprehensive liberal arts by Chinese integrity Credit Management Limited company chairman Mao Zhenhua to help build, science and technology building by millet science and technology founder and chairman Lei donated to help build. Reporters learned that the Sibao Group Chairman Liang Liangsheng said in 2015 to help build a bright Sheng lou. 7 buildings donated nearly 10 years to help build the contribution and role of Wuhan University alumni are not the same. Like Wan Lin Art Museum entirely by the individual proprietorship Juanjian, like billion building by building up the electrochemical personal contribution of auxiliary building. At present, computer science building, Wan Lin Art Museum has been built and put into use; graduate building, comprehensive building, gymnasium, zall arts Yiwei electrochemical building is being built; by October this year, Lei Jun announced donated the building of science and technology has been included in the planning, has not yet started. Wuhan University Alumni Affairs and development liaison office deputy director Xu Yi introduced, "Wuhan University alumni donations to build not only can greatly alleviate the pressure of the school budget, but also makes the construction of the campus infrastructure has been improved very quickly." Xu Yi said, funding and funding are under construction or have been completed in the vicinity of Wuhan University "Arch Building Museum project is the source of alumni donations. At present, the largest donation infrastructure project has been built. Wan Lin Art Museum has become a new landmark for the Wuhan University, to landscapes, gardens, modern buildings known as "the most beautiful campus of the Wuhan University has added a new landscape, has become an important base of Wuhan University history culture education and art education. Xu Yi told reporters, alumni donations can bring the country to follow the proportion of funds. Because according to the provisions of China, colleges and universities to raise social welfare funds more than 100 thousand yuan, you can apply to the central government the ratio of capital investment, the two part of the funds to promote the development of the infrastructure construction of Wuhan University campus. However, the alumni donated a building to Wuda bring happiness trouble". Xu Yi said: "Wuhan University campus area is limited, infrastructure capacity to accommodate future more and more small, the school wants to enthusiasm and alumni donation’s attention to this donation, to support first-class discipline construction and other projects to introduce outstanding talents." > > link in the first 10 months of this year to accept donations of more than 200 million yesterday相关的主题文章: