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Women’s Asian Cup Li Jingrong Ying MVP Yang Zhoujin team Yang Zhou (left) and Li Jing sina sports news Beijing time on the night of September 20th, 2016 the Fifth Asian Cup women’s volleyball team in Vietnam Yongfu ended, two China volleyball play in the final 3-0 victory over Kazakhstan successfully defended. The main Li Jingrong Ying’s most valuable player from Zhejiang (MVP) team into the Asian Cup anthology. In the Asian Cup awards ceremony, announced the best lineup of the game. The champion team Chinese team total of two players shortlisted, are the main Li Jing and Yang Zhou font. Li Jing’s absolute strength and stability of a storm is lacking, but as the team main players played the most, attacking and blocking the overall performance better, as the team won the exploits. Yang Zhou’s quick lethality to be enhanced, but serve and highlight the role of blocking high. The other 5 seats were the best team in Kazakhstan and Thailand’s sweep. A history of the Asian Cup for the best record in Kazakhstan with 3 players into the team, respectively, is the second day, Shandong sikaya EVA and font Annik Nova Darrow. Although Thailand semi-final defeat only third place, but the main Arye Chala Pon and rookie free Piyanatejun best lineup. (Caucasian)相关的主题文章: