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Wide Kunming high-speed bus rollover has caused 10 dead witness: the driver suspected coma – Sohu news   the rescue site. Pictures from the network Beijing News News (reporter Zhou Jiaqi) August 28th morning 10 am, a bus load of 47 people in the wide Kunming high-speed Tanluo direction to Shibu accident, including the pilot has caused 10 deaths, and another 30 people were injured, 7 of them seriously. Nanning has set up an accident investigation team is investigating the cause of the accident. The body and the fence after a collision rollover Beijing News reporter learned that the incident is located near the Nanning high-speed road namo bridge this bus, starting from Baise to Nanning, side ditch accident body turned into the road outside a few meters, causing dozens of casualties trapped. A passenger said, overturned before he obviously felt the body has been and high-speed roadside guardrail collision. At that time, I heard someone shouting the driver on the car seems to be in a coma, how do not wake up. Subsequently, a passenger pulled the driver, trying to control the speed and direction. But it was too late, the car collided with the fence again, turned to the outside." According to the site of the net transfer photos and video display, the section placed at least 9 bodies, have been covered with cloth; the roadside fence also knocked on the floor; someone’s vehicle severely deformed after the collision, side ditch rollover on the highway outside in front, side of the car window is full crashed, hit the front of a pit. Rescue workers arrived, the body was hanging crane to the roadside. The injured to hospital official investigation team set up 28 in the afternoon, the Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau official informed that micro-blog released the morning of August 28th, 10 pm, a license plate number for the bus A93638 in Kunming Expressway Tanluo to rollover accident occurred Shi Bu G80K590+200, the current accident caused 10 people dead, including the bus driver at the same time, there are 5 people injured, 21 people suffered minor injuries. After receiving the alarm, Nanning immediately launched the emergency plan, deploy the relevant departments rushed to the scene to rescue disposal. Reporters from the city of Nanning 120 dispatch center was informed of the latest, the injured were sent to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University and Nanning Eighth People’s hospital. As of 16 PM, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University has received 15 wounded, including 7 seriously injured; Eighth People’s Hospital of Nanning received a total of 15 wounded, all skin trauma, patients in stable condition. Currently, the accident investigation team has been set up in Nanning, is investigating the cause of the accident.相关的主题文章: