Why Is Malaysia truly Asia-vidalia

Travel-and-Leisure The country of Malaysia is a multi-racial country whose citizens belong to diverse racial groups including Indian, Chinese and Malay. From the festivals celebrated, to the languages spoken, to the delicious fusion food enjoyed by people throughout the country, Malaysia presents a potpourri of different Asian cultures that fuse together to form a distinct Malay culture. Fusion Of Festivals: The festivals celebrated in Malaysia cover a range of nationalities such as Malay, Indian and Chinese and religions including Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. From grand celebrations during the Chinese New Year to the Indian Hindu festival of lights called Deepavali or Diwali, to Eid al Fitr (called Hari Raya Puasa) that marks the end of the month-long fasting of Ramdan, to the Buddhist festival of Wesak that celebrates the important days in the life of Lord Buddha, tourists and travellers are treated to an amazing amalgamation of wondrous traditions and beliefs. While each festival is celebrated with added fervour by the particular .munity it belongs to, the entire nation joins in on the festivities with great excitement and enthusiasm. Fusion Of Cuisines: Malay cuisine is often called the original fusion food because most of its dishes incorporate influences from different cultures. Rice, a staple in most Asian countries, appears in almost all Malay dishes. Domestic reinventions of Chinese noodles, Thai-style stir-fries, and Indian curry dishes can all be found and relished with equal gusto in Malasysia. Coconut milk, noodles, lemongrass, chillies, ginger, garlic and other spices reminiscent of flavours from all over the continent made their way into Malaysian cooking and are now cherished as much in Malay food as in their home countries. Some of the most popular dishes that you should try during your Malaysia tour packages include Nasi Lemak which is rice cooked in flavoured coconut milk, Beef Rendang a spicy dry beef curry, a flat noodle stir-fry called Char Kway Teow, Laksa a spicy noodle soup whose taste varies from region to region, Roti Canai, the Malay version of the Indian roti, Mee Goreng, sweet and spicy stir-fried noodles, Sambal Udang which are spicy prawns and Nasi Goreng or fried rice that generally includes pounded dried fish. As you can see, it is the fusion of cultures including festivals, cuisine and even languages (most Malaysians can speak Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English) that makes it possible to say that Malaysia truly incorporates the best of Asia and adds its own distinct stamp to create a distinctly Malaysian but truly Asian travel experience that you can enjoy during your Malaysia tour packages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: