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Why don’t you get rich by financial heaven and sun side by side the world is too impatient, just think what a catch, caught the "rich" straw. For example, I also want to finance, so that I can get rich early." To see this, think there may be more people, from first to last do not really understand the essence of financial management. Inspirational words, look at the useless   a person from now on, save 14 thousand yuan per year, an average annual investment rate of return of up to $20%, after 40 years of wealth will grow to $128 million, becoming a billionaire."   regular investment index funds, investors are able to get more than the layman PRO most of the master of the investment performance."   "when have the opportunity to profit, don’t hang back. When you are sure of a deal, give each other a fatal blow, that is not enough to do, to get as much as possible."…… The above inspirational thick chicken soup, after reading is not the whole people are up? Is not that investment can let the grass root counter attack, then toward the pinnacle of life, buy a car to buy a car, marry white Formica, become a winner in life? Even if you earn 50%, you are not as good as Buffett since it is investment, want to pursue the rapid growth of wealth, the pursuit of high returns on investment, which is normal, No. However, banking is the pursuit of long-term, sustained and stable returns, with "rich" wealth of value-added rate is completely different. Buffett can continue to maintain a 20% annual return on investment, the cumulative down is very terrible. Some people think that I stocks, it may be 50%, or even doubled to earn, much higher than the 20%. Yes, look at the income really cock fried days, but you can say he is Buffett bad? Must not, because he can not continue to get a stable return. I know, there are good investment genius, but they still have not by investing in stocks or other assets or financial freedom to build up the family fortunes. We always talk with Buffett’s famous speech as a guide for their operation, but you have to know their occupation is "investors", they have a very good professional basis, but also the combat team, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve their single-handed. The vast majority of people want to increase the value of wealth, we must work to make money, a lot of accumulation of principal, while continuing to invest in financial management. Although I have tired of complaining, but there is a dislocation of the people. The power of example is infinite, but do not blindly follow. Want to reach the level of professional class TOP investors through amateur form, it is unrealistic. What is financial management? What is called a fortune? A lot of people are directed at the financial management can "get rich," the purpose of trying to invest in financial management, I said right? Whatever you are, return to the truth. We need to be clear: what is financial management? Financial management refers to the management of financial assets and liabilities in order to realize the value of the property. What is a fortune? To make a fortune is to gain a lot of wealth, and a large amount of disposable wealth. Two terms, although only one word, but the meaning is quite different. Wealth is not wealth, investment is not speculation. The reason why a lot of people will.相关的主题文章: