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What the hell? The drag coefficient is higher than the sports car? Sohu – car can run like the wind of the car, it’s really a drag coefficient of not less than ordinary cars can only be brisk walking. Pay attention to energy saving and environmental protection, low drag coefficient is one of the world’s major automobile manufacturers to pursue. The new car in recent years, they have very low drag coefficient. But some friends found that the drag coefficient of some sports car but higher than a lot of cars. For this puzzle, with you today to talk about the drag coefficient. What is the drag coefficient? The drag coefficient, or the air resistance coefficient for air resistance when traveling by car is calculated. It is equal to the friction coefficient of the surface of the vehicle and the coefficient of pressure resistance. In simple terms, shape, body of the automobile components affect the air flow, the two decide the level of vehicle drag coefficient. Factors influencing vehicle drag coefficient of shape, after various shape measurement of the object, the drag coefficient of streamlined objects lower than the edges of objects. From the beginning of the concept car, the shape of the car has been changing, from the early square look now to streamline, the drag coefficient is reduced along with the development of shape. In the process of changing the shape of the car, some parts of the car body has always existed, such as rearview mirror. The rearview mirror for the car is very important, but it will affect the flow of air, to put it bluntly, that will increase the car’s drag coefficient. The rearview mirror function determines that it can not be canceled, so the designer should mirror shape optimization, so as to reduce the drag coefficient. When Boulter was in the men’s 100 meter race, we had only seen him in a very fitting suit rather than a coat and a zipper. In the women’s 100 meter race, we have not seen any of the players on the head wearing a rabbit head hoop. Well, that’s basically the truth. A pair of contradictions: the drag coefficient and under pressure but in some cases, the designer at the cost to improve the wind resistance coefficient change body parts and even increase body parts in the other. This is why? Here to tell you a little story. 2000 years ago, Arabia seaman by changing the shape of the sail, the successful implementation of the boat sailing against the wind. When the air flows through the surface of the two sails, there will be pressure difference, the ship will sail to the side of the low pressure. The plane wing shape is similar to the level set sail, above the wing pressure is low, resulting in lift let the plane can fly. Similarly, the shape of the cross section of the vehicle has the characteristics of the wing. Although the car is not as high as the wing of the streamline, but when the car is still in the production of some lift, its size increases with the increase of speed. For ordinary cars, the lifting force generated by the vehicle will not affect the stability of the vehicle. And for sports cars, especially cars,相关的主题文章: