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family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual apply Deng’s words: education should be oriented to modernization; and the author of the formulation is: to adapt to the current education, he is 35 years old, which is in the social. For 70, later said, into the elite, into foreign companies, civil servants, regardless of origin, through personal struggle, always have the opportunity to set foot on the kind of parents who expect the middle class life trajectory. And the children and the environment of our ordinary people, the environment and competition they face, will be far beyond the scope of the understanding of our generation. The future is a highly intelligent connection, get in by every opening world. In the past rely on intelligence and experience of work, sooner or later will be replaced by computers and robots. Unlimited storage and 3D devices have entered the family. Want to search to overcome the human language barriers between the technology, how many years, found this year has emerged which can translate the mobile phone tools… What is education. In the beginning, I’ll talk about a problem that is the education of the English word Education is how to. I talked about the vocabulary in the New Oriental, this word is Socrates invented, spelling three words, in front of the "E" is to mean, "duce" is a guide, "tion" is a noun, boot out. The so-called education, is a person’s heart, really guide, help him grow into their own appearance. I tell a story, to better clarify the "leadingout (boot)", such a good idea. A US federal court, sitting in front of two people, a black girl is old, she is a mother. They are happy to hold this newspaper, the words are: the Supreme Court today, the prohibition of the occurrence of segregation in the middle school system. In 1956, the little girl wanted to go to their own community in the white school was rejected. Because at that time the white school and black school, can not be mixed. Her father is a lawyer, sued in anger. The lawsuit has been hit by the federal court in the United States, where the 6 justices sit together to discuss whether it would be a violation of the constitution of the United States to separate blacks from whites. It is also the first time psychology has been cited as a subject of measurement. Through the experiment, when the white and black separated, although the child is only a year old, still can clearly realize that the white is better than the black. So these justices made a conclusion, which is the famous American education act. The bill’s authors called Brown, judge Brown clearly for the first time in legal documents, expounds the education view: education is to help a child, life in the future, more successfully to seek their own happiness, (Note: is his own happiness, not his home, not in their school and not for social education) machine shaping a suitable screw. When I saw this sentence to tears, finally draw相关的主题文章: