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What is the car lightweight in the end? In fact, this is a fat muscle proposition – Sohu car not more secure? Why car prices are said to be lightweight? Up if you think so, you can only say that thinking is still stuck in the ancient times. In recent years, forcing up car prices are playing lighter, especially luxury cars, all of them to show off their weight N kg, seems to reduce more niubi. For example, recently listed on the new Audi A4L to promote their own vehicle weight reduction of 110kg, BMW new generation 5 Series weight loss of 110 kg, Jaguar Land Rover XFL also said he light 190kg…… Needless to say, lightweight and fitness has become one of the popular trends in the automotive industry. Why on earth do you want to be lightweight? Let’s take a look at its source! What is lightweight? It is fat reduction by the concept of lightweight muscle originated in motorsport, it is not hard to understand: the advantages of light weight, which can lead to better control of engine, the burden is small, accelerating faster; similarly, the vehicle brake light, braking distance is shorter; in addition, with the "energy saving the topic of environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, but also fuel-efficient vehicle lightweight performance. Is light weight equal to weight loss? Of course, the purpose of lightweight is to reduce weight, but the premise is to meet the requirements of the standard: material strength, safety performance, comfort, etc.. It is also increase muscle fat! That’s ok。 Presumably, exceed the standard of body fat fat kid, can run it; if you are thin and strong, more healthy, more flexible action, no one says you are a waste of national resources (fat heart pain). The automobile industry evolved to now, the concept had more body weight more safely through, understand a little car knows, security is the structure of the body, not in the car. The lighter, stronger and more security is the pursuit of new era, this is the ultimate esoteric lightweight "". How lightweight? If you change the proposition: how to lose weight? Maybe you understand it. There are many ways to lose weight, such as diet, exercise, medication, liposuction; similarly, lightweight of auto means there are many, including new material substitution, optimization of body structure and improve three aspects of the manufacturing process. A good figure is not thin however, fat and muscle is the most ideal state. So, in contrast, the lighter and stronger alternative to new materials, is the most direct light vehicle, the best effect of the program by the automotive industry wide attention. Common lightweight materials are divided into two camps: metal and nonmetal. Metal materials mainly include high strength steel, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and so on. Carbon fiber cost is very high, generally used for luxury cars, such as BMW 7 series, all kinds of super run, etc.. While the cost of aluminum alloy is relatively low (but still high cost of high strength steel), the advantages are many, it is 13 of the density of steel, than the energy absorption is steel!相关的主题文章: