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.puters-and-Technology You may have your friends or family members staying abroad. You may even need to make an international call at least once in a week. So, you should always search for the best international calling cards available out there. You should not just pick the one you get at the next store or you .e across while making an online search. You may think that the first search result you get when you Google the following phrase "best phone card .panies" is the best one available in the market, but you are not right. There are many things to consider while buying a calling card. Otherwise you might just end up getting your call disconnected due to insufficient balance. Read on to know all about calling cards. The first thing you should always consider is the fees you will be charged when you make an international call. International calling cards .e in both flavors – with or without fees. Normally those who .e with fees offer low call rates. But you should be careful at this point, because you may not know about all the fees associated with phone cards. First of all, you will be charged with connection fees while making an international call. This fee is charged due to the fact that whenever you make an international call, your network provider has to go through a third party server to connect you to the desired country’s network. Another fee with which you may be charged with is various types of surcharges like carrier fee and taxes. Carrier fee is the fee which is charged whenever you make a call and disconnect it. There is also maintenance fee associated with phone cards. Normally all the phone card .panies charge maintenance fees on a weekly basis which means a certain amount of money will be deducted from your phone card as the each week passes by. So the longer you keep the minutes in your phone card unused, the higher amount of fees will be charged against you. On the other hand if you go for the international cards which do not charge you any sort of fees, you .pletely stay out of trouble. These types of cards may charge a little higher call rates, but at the end you can save reasonable amount of money. So if you were thinking to buy one international card for you, take care of these things. Search for a .pany that has a product that fits your fits. Find the best rates for your country and choose an honest .pany. Go through the terms and conditions provided by the .pany carefully to spot out any hidden charges and select the best one suited according to your requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: