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[] Wei Jianglei: Dream notes column runner’s sentiment and the story of Wei Jianglei. Author profile: Wei Jianglei, said the big A, the current senior vice president of sina, has more than ten years of age, running over 20 horses, more than half a horse more than 100. The seventh chapter notes: after 10 kilometers run after a period of training and maintain a certain amount of running, you can try to participate in the competition. For the first runner, I suggest that you choose to participate in a 10 km race. Many runners will be 10 kilometers per day as the training of the lowest consumption, but for the first runner, the 10 km is a need to overcome the threshold. 10 km is also a long-distance running distance. The competition and training in the training process of different runners will pay attention to the reaction of the body, whether their own or other training and running together, timely training also has a time goal, but the runners will usually pay attention to all kinds of signals of the body, make timely adjustments. But the race, even though it is 10 km race, runners are more excited than training! The venue is different, the surrounding atmosphere, cheering, and even other runners and beyond are exceeded, will allow early runners emotional excitement, not like training so hard to realize the body signals. The excitement of taking part in the race will make the runners run out of good results, but also make the runners ignore many of the body’s signals and face danger. In addition, any running game has an interesting phenomenon, will Paiqichanglong each temporary toilet before. And when you go to the toilet with a strong sense of urine, and found a small amount of urine. This is also a kind of performance before the excitement. The first part, choose the first 10 km race for the first runner, the first game is very important. The first race can give the runner experience, confidence and relatively good personal results. Proposed election at the door, belonging to their own "site" on the game. It could be 10 kilometers in a marathon, or a separate race of 10 kilometers. In addition to consider the season, temperature, humidity and rain, etc.. For a suitable temperature and humidity season, like autumn in Beijing or the southern winter, the temperature between 15-20 degrees, humidity at around 60%, a little cloudy, is the best running weather. At the same time to choose the event service reputation good game, like Lining, ran 10 kilometers throughout the, these games are a series of events organized by the company, the service is thoughtful, you will experience will be better. Who do not want to participate in the first competition is a bad experience, thus affecting the enthusiasm of the training. Event service is more important is the storage service and supply. A lot of runners feel relaxed about 10 kilometers, running in running clothes and running out of water and other supplies. The target is PB (Personal Best, personal best runners, 10 km) is a hard game, to remain a high speed to get good grades, so much sweat. For the first runner, but also pay more attention. Due to the possible fast than usual game with good grades, so will increase the perspiration. With the increase of perspiration, after the end of the game you lost temperature speed.相关的主题文章: