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Water also field: over the management of children, maternal consumption is in your own life – Sohu because mom and dad are going to work for a summer vacation, not like other students with family travel?, only been hosting classes, nine to five of the stick, as well as in school, at noon eat lunch with the teacher. Many adults often think: the child every day hosting poor! Then envy or jealousy talking about when and how good the teacher stay-at-home mom…… Feel owe their children an entire childhood. But you don’t see what the kids are doing with their peers A still is so happy and satisfied: summer vacation, she made new friends of many different age, different schools, many of the hearsay all over the country!!! Other school teachers fierce? Men and women do not love? Can you bring snacks to class?…… As a result, a happy every day to get up early in the morning, ready snacks to share with friends and friends will also bring together with reading a comic book. Item elder sister is very distressed to ask me: why my children crying not to trust class, don’t go to grandma home, want me to resign to accompany her? In fact, the attitude of the child in the face of the world, the child’s mentality is very affected by the emotional parents. You are positive and optimistic. He is full of sunshine! Because children are aware of their own internal environment, but also with the external environment. In addition to the environment outside the school and other social environment, there is a very important part of the family environment. If you give your child when you are in charge of summer vacation class is impatient, or very helpless, sorry for the child, said: no way, my mother had to go to work, otherwise the mother can not make money to support you." Children will feel that they are a burden, is not concerned about the lonely individual, lack of sense of belonging. Because children find their own sense of value in the way most of their intuition, rather than by reasoning. If you say: "no summer students playing with you, you must be very boring. My sister is so small, can’t you play, drawing, chat, do you want to go to the fourth grade class hosting and other children play together? I think you should have a common language." He will according to the guide, feel the mother of their care, he will realize that they have an important position in the family, to gain a sense of belonging, to avoid falling into the trap of self value, find their position from the family. I call for a morning, never woke up and said: "wake up, all the time! Mom will be late for work!" Or some mothers wake up with school English audio! I am very strongly opposed to put English into your alarm clock, we all know that most people hate Laichuang — hate, hate, hate not smashed the alarm clock! Why do we have to force children to hate English, but ordered him to learn English in this way? This love hate way of thinking is confusing, isn’t it? On the contrary, I will set aside enough time for half an hour in advance, called: "baby, let’s go to share with friends to buy what delicious? Blueberry, raspberry or pine.相关的主题文章: