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Wang Zhenjin Xinjiang only remaining forces won the three " exposure; Meng " Title – Sohu Military Channel text with map: 1935, the long march six red army leadership group, right: Chen Bojun, Peng Shaohui, Luo Zhimin, Wang Zhen, Liu Daosheng, Zhang Ziyi. "Three Meng group" Long March: Spearhead army Yong rushed in the tradition of historical development, creating work in advance. Xinjiang military region, a motorized infantry regiment as an advance team in the long march of the heroic troops, only one army with general Wang Zhen Xinjiang retained, history has been awarded the "pursuit, dash, after" the honorary title. In the face of raging like a storm of a new generation of military reform, and always uphold the fine tradition of the Red Army troops, the transformation has been appointed, devote themselves to seeking to win, continue to write a new splendid army strong army xing. Command means: upgrade from the horse send letters to the transfer of the data in August 1934, a motorized infantry regiment predecessor troops seized the secret key point inside enemy blockade?? Suichuan County, built out flank covering positions, the long march to create the conditions for the main force of the Red Army launched. Looking back on the war, gestures and propaganda is an important way of fighting at the command of the red army. In May 1939, the predecessor of the 359th brigade regiment 718 regiment annihilated in the implementation of pre war waist Jian, when he was head of Zong Yao Chen to brigadier Wang Zhen report situation due to the communication command means backward, can only rely on a letter about the group the favorable situation and fighting determination, to pass the letter sent to the Pegasus brigade platoon leader. A bloody battle to make the coming from the flames of war hero in the army, a sense of urgency to change the command mode is more a historical. "Modern information battlefield, if there is no advanced command mode corresponding to the then elite troops is lacking spirit of cooperation." Li Nan, the group’s chief of staff, said. In recent years, they take the construction of Xinjiang military command system leveraging the combat capability of the pilot of the machine, take integrated measures, all kinds of electronic information system chain integration, complementary resources, interoperability, various functions of the various forces act in close coordination, the army command means mainly rely on online data transfer change. In November 2014, the regiment took part in a joint exercise at the altitude of 4000 meters above sea level in Kunlun. The battle started after the red command shelter, filling the 3D battlefield situation information terminal, one of the intelligence information communicated to the integrated command platform, a command instant transfer to combat unit elements platform…… The command and control of the army, the ability to accurately strike a comprehensive upgrade. Combat style transformation: from my main to win the joint command of the field of electronic warfare in the strong interference in the construction of artillery, artillery battalion based on instability that was air raid…… In mid July, the regiment in field training just completed a joint training pitch camp, with the army aviation brigade, electronic warfare group of friendly forces. The commissar Wang Yingtao told reporters, joint training, and different units of normal fusion training, promote the training of troops fighting style by me first to the United winning the successful transformation. Now, in the face of increasingly fine division of labor units,.相关的主题文章: