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Volunteers to teach Chinese China first class was asked to have the powers? Sohu news yesterday, Ningbo City Bureau of education, the Australian state of New South Wales and the Ministry of education University of Western Sydney Ningbo Australia Chinese volunteer project jointly held in Ningbo foreign affairs school ten anniversary celebration. However, since it is the 10 anniversary celebration, we are more concerned about these years, to promote Chinese language in Ningbo, where to do something. With the help of Australian children volunteers Ningbo photo understanding China June 2008, Ningbo girl Weng Jingjing went to Australia as one of the first batch of 7 volunteers, embark on the journey. "In the past, learned that the City Board of education in Australia to recruit volunteers, I do not hesitate to report the name. This is a challenging project, it has a strong appeal to me." After a rigorous selection, she became a volunteer. Weng Jing Jing to teach in three schools in New South Wales, Australia, the age of the students from the age of four or five to the age of more than and 10, has never been exposed to chinese. In the first class of Australia, the children’s questions let Weng Jingjing cry. In 2008, the movie "Kung Fu Panda" swept the world, the children see a tracksuit to the class teacher, have asked: "teacher, you will be fighting?" Weng Jing Jing found that the majority of local children are curious about China, she wanted to talk to the children only if the traditional culture, then the children will not be able to fully understand china. To realize this point, Weng Jingjing in class in addition to speak China traditional culture, but also with some China description of the status quo. She even took photos of her hometown of Ningbo, the children are surprised at the current development of china. In December 2009, leaving Australia, Weng Jingjing received nearly 100 Zhang Xuesheng gave her card. To her surprise, a lot of sincere greeting cards are written in Chinese, and some cards also joined some of the traditional Chinese cultural elements, such as paper cutting, etc.. Weng Jingjing kept these cards, sometimes open to see, the children of a lovely face, will emerge in front." 2017 Australia project is about to start recruiting 10 volunteers in 2007, Ningbo City Bureau of education, Ministry of education, New South Wales, Australia and University of Western Sydney three party to work together to start the Chinese volunteer project. As of now, Ningbo city has been selected to carry out the 9 batch of 72 people to Chinese teaching in Australia, students benefiting nearly 20000 people, is Australia known as "little rose" project. Yesterday, Ningbo City Bureau of education and the Ministry of education, University of Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Australia signed the third Chinese volunteer project agreement, 2017 will continue to carry out Chinese teaching through the selection of 10 volunteers in australia. Chinese teaching volunteers will be selected in July next year to Australia New South Wales, take 10 hours per week, while the University of Western Sydney will continue to offer master’s and doctorate courses for Chinese volunteers, and 1 doctoral and 1 master’s full scholarships (free tuition), New South Wales State Department of education, University of Western Sydney, Han Banping相关的主题文章: