Volkswagen and other car companies to launch electric car product offensive Tesla tremble! truffe

Volkswagen and other car companies to launch electric car product offensive Tesla tremble! According to Reuters, because the public "exhaust door" in many countries put forward more stringent NOx emission standards, causing diesel sales trapped, plus battery costs decline, and Tesla electric car electric car pioneer highlights the market potential, the mainstream of traditional car companies launched electric car offensive. Although the concept of electric vehicles have been produced for a long time, but the real time to enter the mass market is not long. Tesla pioneer in the field and Renault – Nissan invested several years and huge sums of money research and development of electric vehicles, and finally put into commercial. In March 31st this year, the price of $3 Tesla Model entry-level models open, a short time to get orders for the about 300000, shocked the industry in. The Renault Nissan Alliance since December 2010 has sold 350000 electric cars, the first 8 months of 2016, the alliance sold 100000 electric cars, refresh the automobile industry electric vehicle sales record, contributed half of global sales of electric vehicles. The public exhaust cheating incident after exposure, diesel cars have become a target for all, Europe and the United States also introduced more stringent emission regulations, low pollution, low emission vehicles become an important strategy for the car enterprises from fines. So the mainstream of traditional car prices are going to launch or have listed what electric cars do? The layout of the six electric cars Volkswagen electric concept car will debut in September at the end of the Paris auto show, the electric car lineup will also cover cross-border car, MPV, luxury sedan and Coupe five models, is the main part of the 2025 strategy ". The car companies plan to 2025 annual sales of electric vehicles reached 1 million. The Volkswagen brand CEO Herbert · (HerbertDiess) said that the Disney concept electric car for the five seat version, body size is slightly smaller than golf (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), but its internal space and Passat (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). Electric mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry) for 400 km to 600 km (250-370 miles), the new BMW I3 (with reference, pictures, inquiry) more than double the life. Volkswagen electric concept car codenamed Nuv-e (New Urban Vehicle Electric, the new city electric car) is being built in the center of mass engineering. The model is designed to show the public MEB platform. According to senior public officials involved in the electric car program, the Nuv-e concept car will be equipped with a scalable motor, shaft and suspension, which can be derived from the micro car to luxury cars of various models. It is reported that Nuv-e electric hatchback will become second independent electric car models, the global market in 2020. According to the current public planning, the first production of electric vehicles for Budd-e MPV, will be listed in 2019. Moreover, with the new electric concept car debut in Paris, Volkswagen plans to introduce other new zero emission vehicles, including pure electric models, Budd-e modified version of the flagship car (Volkswagen Phaeton internal called "X-BEV"), a CUV-e cross.相关的主题文章: