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Venture capital energy how much? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Venture capital energy how much? In late August, there are rumors that hundreds of billions of universal insurance funds will withdraw from the stock A shares, then A shares shock down, the main funding signs obvious blood. Two city rare thousand shares the main net outflow of funds of more than 10 million, Wanda privatization, ant gold clothing, stock funds game Hengda pure concept was abandoned, plunged across the board; plate, real estate, construction, non-ferrous metals led. Three funds on the already anemic A shares formed a blood effect. First, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission smitten qianyiji universal insurance stock funds within 5 years will gradually replacement or exit; second, local commercial banks raised the collective IPO climax; third, market liquidity tightening. CIRC then said rumor, the market rumors about the "600 billion universal insurance will gradually withdraw A shares" is not real, so that investors have a false alarm. Placards "weapon" universal insurance since last year, there is a kind of insurance products are very popular, tens of millions of products, can be wiped out within more than and 10 minutes, this product called universal insurance. In order to achieve high returns, a large number of universal insurance into the A-share market A. Support the insurance companies in the funds of A shares, a large number of shopping spree placards, is their own issue of universal insurance products. Two cities have been disclosed in the semi annual report of the listed companies, including a total of 87 stocks involved in universal insurance funds, the total number of universal insurance account for the total number of shares of 5 billion 300 million shares of. Stock market value will reach 89 billion 265 million yuan. For universal insurance in the layout of A shares, which is just a conservative calculation. Part of the insurance companies in order to enhance the scale of insurance in a short time, the issue of universal insurance in the short term, often assume a higher debt costs. Settlement rate is usually more than 6%, or even up to 7%, plus the channel Commission and management fees, the total cost of funds is about 8%~10%. And the low risk assets that can cover the cost of capital is almost nonexistent, so these insurance companies can only increase the proportion of high-risk equity assets, trust products, etc.. So the business chain, A shares in placards insurance firms may face greater asset liability mismatch risk, liquidity risk, interest risk, solvency risk. It is noted that this risk, the CIRC will introduce the provisions of the beginning of this year, the short deposit in the renewal of products to regulate the constraints, which is to prevent the insurance products disguised as financial products. However, this initiative does not seem to have the desired effect, the size of the short deposit renewal product is still growing rapidly. Seven venture capital in the energy of A shares: shares of nearly 300 billion yuan next let us come together to feel the risk of capital in A shares of energy. Since this year, seven insurance market was the most active, followed by: Boland Department (Qianhai life), Ampang line, Hengda, China life, life, sun life, hundreds of years of life. This seven insurance funds currently holds a total of 73 A shares, with a total shareholding of 19 billion 800 million shares, holding a market value of up to $284 billion 100 million. On相关的主题文章: