UEFA Champions League – Juventus 0-0 Seville unbeaten home Gonzalo Higuain column-bleep

The Champions League – Juventus 0-0 Seville Paul Gonzalo Higuain in the Gonzalo Higuain column unbeaten home court failed to break the Tencent sports news September 15th Beijing time 2:45 on September 15th, the 2016-17 season in the Champions League first round group phase, Juventus (website data) in 0 than 0 Tucci Juventus arena battle to Sevilla, two to 90 minutes no achievements, Yigua head the ball hit the crossbar. Replay eighth minutes, Dibala closed arc ball, nor restricted Youlei right foot low shot just wide of the far corner. Eleventh minutes, Gonzalo Higuain ball in the middle of the road, Alves restricted area before the right foot low shot out. Fifteenth minutes, midfielder Khedira fell Dibala pass, went into the restricted area Youlei Escudero interference in low shot was confiscated Rico. Then Gonzalo Higuain restricted area arc left foot low shot out. Twenty-seventh minutes, he headed back to do, Escudero restricted area before the left foot shot was confiscated Buffon. Thirtieth minutes, Rico Bigfoot mistakes, Bonucci midline ball straight biography, Gonzalo Higuain chest back, Dibala was trying to break out in time. He denied the bottom line. Thirty-sixth minutes, well kick Evra was booked in qi. Fortieth minutes, iborra Lemina was booked down. Forty-fifth minutes, grab the position in the box when the fight Lami wrestle Chiellini was booked. Fifty-eighth minutes, Evra on the left back, left foot fire Dibala road closed off. Fifty-ninth minutes, Alves right back, Gonzalo Higuain restricted road header hit the crossbar. Sixty-fourth minutes before the forbidden area right foot shot higher Lemina. Sixty-sixth minutes, Correa restricted Youlei plate Chiellini after the right foot shot higher. Sixty-eighth minutes, Alves on the right side of the bottom line cross, Rico clearances hand in Dibala before. Eighty-fifth minutes, Alves on the cross, P Janic restricted road header wide. Lineup: Juventus (3-5-2): 1-: 3-: goalkeeper Buffon defender Chiellini, 19- 15-, Barzagli Bonucci: 23- Alves, 22- Asamoah, midfielder (68 minutes 5- P Janic), 18- 6- 33-, Lemina Khedira, Evra (68 minutes 12- Alex Sandro striker Baala): 21- (86 minutes 20-, PIA Chahar) 9- Gonzalo Higuain Seville (4-3-1-2): goalkeepers: 1-: 18- 23-, Escudero Rico defender 21- 24-, parrega Lami, Mercado midfielder Crane Witt (78 minutes: 4- 3-, 15- Maria Nobel) en Zong Qi, 8- 22- Vasquez iborra striker: 17- Sarabia (63 minutes 11- Correa), 20- bittolo Statistics (Obail)相关的主题文章: