U.S. banking industry accumulated $2 trillion and 400 billion in bonds hit a record high meyou

US banks accumulated $2 trillion and 400 billion in bonds to a record high U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 31, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that if the world’s largest economy boom back to the temperature really, then why American banks holding bonds amount super safe is a record high? After all, the rise in employment, the Fed is about to raise interest rates again, and economic growth in the first half after the downturn show vitality. However, the banks did not allow lenders to keep up with deposits, and the amount of money invested in U.S. government bonds and related bonds hit the highest since 2014. Of course, the reason is simply to say that after the financial crisis and financial regulations can not be separated, those provisions are to curb the risk of banks, forcing banks to hold high-quality assets. In many ways, however, the bank’s accumulated debt reflects a worrying sign. Over the past year, large and medium-sized banks to tighten lending standards for corporate lending for the most since 2009, when the United States is still recovering from the collapse of the housing bubble. Americans would rather save money than take on additional debt, which also depresses the demand for new loans. Although it is difficult to say whether this means more close to the end of 7 years of American economic expansion than the upbeat economic data shows, but in 2010 suffered the largest single month since the selling pressure investors demand for bonds falling is good news. Jeff, chief operating officer of Baker Group, based in Oklahoma, said: "as we continue to go through the business cycle, banks continue to buy U.S. Treasury bonds." He says the market is getting less and less. Interest rates rise, foreign demand slowed, the bank to buy U.S. debt may help curb the rise in bond yields. Original title Banks $2.4 Trillion of as Leads Rush responsibility editor: Guo Mingyu SF008 BofA Hoard (Amass) Bonds相关的主题文章: