Typhoon Meranti to Jiangsu next week, an invigorating autumn climate effect htc802w

Typhoon "Meranti" effect in Jiangsu next week to the Mid Autumn Festival is an invigorating autumn climate fengyuewubian, typhoon "Meranti" mix, only winds and heavy rain. As of last night, this year the strongest typhoon in the Western Pacific in China’s provinces and cities in East China, causing serious economic losses and casualties. Nanjing and other cities, most of Jiangsu suffered a rare heavy rainfall in September over the same period in history, more rainfall reached the level of heavy rainfall. Fortunately, last night "Meranti" sin fled the country, influence tends to end. During the day there are residual winds, we remind the remnants of the storm. "In September 15th 3 has weakened 05 moranti influence, fourteenth typhoon this year, Meranti" with strong typhoon landed in China Fujian Xiamen coastal area, and continue to move to the northeast. This is the strongest typhoon this year, landing in mainland China, a road all-powerful caused, gale and rainstorm, debris flow and flood disaster in many provinces. At noon yesterday, "Meranti" has weakened into a tropical depression, the center of the wind weakened to around seven, the center position in Anhui near Xuancheng. Yesterday afternoon, "Meranti" into the Jiangsu territory of Changzhou, at four or five in the afternoon in Taizhou city last night, through southern Yancheng fled into the Yellow Sea. As it grows farther and farther away, the impact on us tends to end. Jiangsu suffered widespread heavy rainfall of typhoon is everywhere, wind and rain. The Central Meteorological Station forecast released: September 16th 8 to September 17th 8, southern Zhejiang and Northern Shanghai, Jiangsu, and southeastern Fujian, Eastern Anhui, Northeastern Taiwan and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain, which, in some areas of central Jiangsu and other places there is heavy rain, local heavy rains. Yesterday, the Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Department early in the morning the rainstorm warning upgraded to a high level of orange, is expected in the next 12 hours, Yancheng, southern Huaian, northern Taizhou and Eastern Nantong region will be more than 3 hours of rainfall 50mm; northern Huaian, southern Taizhou, northern Yangzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou, Zhenjiang and Western Nantong will be 6 hours more than 50mm precipitation. According to the latest statistics last night, 8 points, the province’s 6 cities and counties heavy rain, heavy rain in cities and counties, heavy rain in the counties of the city and town; heavy rain in the town of 84, the storm of the 551 towns and villages in the city of. Jiangsu, Nanjing, Kunshan, Jiangyan, Zhenjiang and other places have been continued heavy rainfall, rainfall in many areas 24 hours on more than 100 mm, to reach the level of heavy rain. If you count 14 days late in the evening on the beginning of the rainfall, the cumulative rainfall in many areas of the province has reached 200 mm ()! Usually a local rainfall over 200 mm, also appeared only in the Meiyu period of June and July, September this oppressive rain, the historical period is very rare. In addition to the rain, Yancheng, Nantong, Taizhou, northern Nanjing, Yangzhou, southern Huaian and Eastern Lianyungang wind gusts, gusts of wind up to 8. Nanjing local heavy rain yesterday afternoon, the Nanjing Municipal Meteorological Observatory finally lifted a yellow rainstorm warning, as the rain weakened, Nanjing finally relieved from the 14 night began to rain yesterday afternoon, the cumulative rainfall is amazing. According to statistics, Nanjing city’s 3 day cumulative rainfall champion, when the number of.相关的主题文章: