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Tom? Cruise exposes keen Chinese Kung Fu   film drawing moves (Figure) – Fujian Channel – original title: Tom? Cruise’s keen Chinese kung fu film reference moves (Figure) director Edward Zwick?, starring Tom? Cruise live interactive 13, the movie "man on Jack: never" held studios meeting. Director Edward Zwickel, starring Tom Curise and Kou Bi, appeared at the conference site for the new film in October 21st, China and the United States synchronized publicity campaign, and fans intimate interaction. Director Edward Zwickel, starring Tom Curise just one appearance, immediately surrounded by cameras and applause from the audience, Tom is pointing to the background plate big screen posters make funny surprise, it instantly sparked high decibel screaming fans present. Tom Curise himself confessed his love for China, and turned to the "lost brother" of the Chinese Kung Fu. He revealed that he also learned some moves from time to time in the film performance. Director Edward Zwickel said that the new film is extremely "ground air", he laments: "now many blockbusters of heroes have super ability, like to use CG technology show stunt."." At the same time also emphasized in both the action and emotional qualities, "I think the real combat often make people more agonistic", and once again expounded the previously mentioned in the Shanghai conference of "point of view, we can not ignore the human action of the emotion, the narrative of the film is far away from the real human nature without permanent". It seems that Jack Rich in this film will not only bring an exciting adventure, but also usher in an emotional baptism, and this also makes the scene fans looking forward to the film. On the spot, director Edward Zwickel and starring Tom Curise were surrounded by enthusiastic fans, and the two also posed for autographs with the fans on the spot. Since the previous Chinese local team has a close and good cooperation, the Chinese team also makes the team members feel comfortable and cordial, and the stars in the movie’s wonderful performance has also received the audience’s praise. Tom Curise himself admits that he is a "favorite" of Jack Rich, and two degrees play the corner, making him seem to combine with the characters in the story. It is reported that the movie "Knight Jack: never turn back" has been set up in October 21, 2016, released nationwide, synchronized with North america. (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) 汤姆?克鲁斯自曝热衷中国功夫 新片借鉴招式(图)–福建频道–人民网 原标题:汤姆?克鲁斯自曝热衷中国功夫 新片借鉴招式(图) 导演爱德华?兹威克,主演汤姆?克鲁斯现场互动   13日,电影《侠探杰克:永不回头》举行影城见面会。导演爱德华 兹威克,主演汤姆 克鲁斯、寇碧 史莫德斯现身发布会现场,为新片10月21日的中美同步公映宣传造势,与粉丝们亲密互动。   导演爱德华 兹威克、主演汤姆 克鲁斯刚一出场,便立即被媒体闪光灯与观众掌声包围,阿汤哥更是用手指向背景板大屏幕的海报做出搞怪惊讶表情,此举瞬间引发了在场粉丝的高分贝尖叫。汤姆 克鲁斯本人亦坦言了自己对中国的喜爱,现场变身中国功夫的“迷弟”,透露自己在电影演出中也时不时会借鉴一些招式。   导演爱德华 兹威克则表示这次新片极为“接地气”,他感慨“现在许多大片中的英雄都有超能力,喜欢运用CG技术表现出动作特技。”同时也强调了片中动作与情感并重这一大特质,“我认为实打实的肉搏往往更让人血脉喷张”,并且再次阐述了此前在上海发布会中提到的观点,“动作片中不能忽视人的情感,电影的叙述也永远离不开真实的人性”。看来,这一次片中的杰克 雷彻不仅将带来一场刺激冒险,还将迎来一场情感的洗礼,而这也令现场的影迷们对上映期待不已。   活动现场,导演爱德华 兹威克、主演汤姆 克鲁斯都受到了热情粉丝们的“疯狂”包围,二人也同现场影迷们亲密合影并签名留念。由于此前于中国本土地区的团队有着紧密良好的合作,此次中国行也让团队成员们都倍感舒心与亲切,而众主演们在电影中精彩的表现也获得了观众们的一致好评。汤姆 克鲁斯本人坦言,自己对杰克 雷彻这个人物十分“偏爱”,二度饰演此角让他与故事中的人物仿佛合二为一。   据悉,电影《侠探杰克:永不回头》已定档2016年10月21日全国公映,与北美同步开画。 (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章: