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Tia Lee was rumored boyfriend Ke Zhendong: cosmetic support all the Tencent decided to entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Tia Lee and Ke Zhendong, recently exposed low-key, friends broke her in the face this place on the temple in addition to the injection of hyaluronic acid, can be modified face, the biggest reason is to adjust the face, let represent husband and wife the house of the temple becomes full, thereby blocking the possibility of rotten peach failure in this regard, Ke Zhendong expressed support for good friends make a decision, also on the relationship maintenance: "we are still good friends." Ke Zhendong 7 evening to attend the brand activities, see the scene of the media is "I just to be at a loss what to do, a friend’s.." With the attendance and Berlin Chan, but the two people surveyed Ke Zhendong low-key; finally in the media of hard, reluctantly accepted the visit, asked for the Golden Horse mood, he said he was happy, but still not sure what to wear to attend the ceremony, and for Tia Lee injection of hyaluronic acid in the news, he said all decisions will support good friends. However, for Tia Lee was a former small plastic, die period photograph is found out and then a round face collapsing nose, teeth, and now delicate as doll features difference, her agent for clarification, that Lee had not make-up, will look different.相关的主题文章: