Three that will break the new leading to vision yuanjiao

Three vision implies that will break the two stock markets seize new leading mixed in early trading, the stock index slightly lower, slightly higher in shenzhen. After the opening round Shadie weight plates, driven by the stock quickly diving, and to support near 3050 points. Then in the support force, combined with the theme of plate rise, especially in energy conservation and environmental protection and the rapid rise of the Internet and financial sector, driven by higher stock shocks, the afternoon show is a full-blown trend, driven by the stock homeopathic not only recovered from 5, 10 and 20 days are line bound, but also to the line mark. The overall index on Tuesday after the first stop Yang, to achieve V type inversion. On the surface of hot, especially in the environmental sector is one of the most beautiful scenery, limit the number of stocks also increased, the money market effect has been strengthened. At the same time, the two volume is synchronous amplification, visible experience continuous sideways shocks with multi mood.according. Environmental protection, information security, and green semiconductor lighting sector gainers; only a few banks, such as iron and steel plate by. Recently we continue to remind the market change disk window is approaching, the rebound will be unexpected, and the stock Tuesday morning although was diving, but the afternoon upside rebound trend has come. From Tuesday disk, three highlights: first, is expected to open offensive frenzy Tuesday volume amplification, short-term rebound in the market to provide a strong impetus. Tuesday in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities a total turnover of nearly 600 billion, a substantial increase over the previous trading day, we continue to remind the recent volume with the premise of not, it is difficult for the market to appear decent rebound, and the Tuesday market volume has been enlarged, the reactionary power market has emerged. Secondly, the new faucet has been produced. The market leader is mainly in the concept of placards real estate stocks, but the recent plate is in urgent need of new continuous callback, market leading to led. Tuesday, the former is the energy saving and environmental protection, and the plate by the larger positive stimulus, and the industry sector policy will continue to introduce the plate, there will be a trend in the latter part of the stock policy protection. Third, the recent stock index has between 5 day and 10 day and 20 day moving average continuous operation of a number of trading days, both sides in the position to compete again, while the Tuesday breakthrough volume, many have occupied the initiative. Tuesday’s stock index upside, once again approaching the line, has formed two degrees upside form. In addition, the recent stock index continued to adjust the rail below the BOLL channel, KDJ index has issued a buy signal on Tuesday, after the upside obvious short-term adjustment of the end. Comprehensive analysis shows that, with Tuesday’s stock index upside volume, now once again approaching the line, we believe that short-term breakthrough in the position of the pressure is a high probability event, investors stage slightly gallon, especially with the policy expectations, and recently adjusted stocks relatively full has more room to rise. This week’s reverse repo is in want of perfection and MLF due to the relatively large amount is about 600 billion of the scale, may have an impact on short-term market funds face.相关的主题文章: