Three guess the stock market after the holiday and coping strategies msvbvm60.dll

After the three major stock market speculation and strategy Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you guess: market callback trend falls in place? Probability: 80% specific reasons: U.S. stocks fell overnight, affected by this morning in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities, all day long concussion, the technology, the market short-term support in August 12th low of 2999.04, repair the rebound, the daily pressure on 60 gem pressure line 30. Although on line K-line combination has a short order, but the stock has been adjusted for 4 consecutive days, with the exclusion of the continuous drop trend, should be a slight rebound in the. The news section, then there are two main things, one is the case of IPO Hongkong will usher in two years of financial market is the largest, the postal savings market, the other is a late September fed meeting on interest rates rise. The two will still have a certain impact on the A shares, the United States news for heavy. At present, the expected rate hike is not strong, or in a whirling state, so at the end of the boot floor, or is expected to activate the market sentiment. At present, the market is still relatively safe to go, with the transfer expected, the two round of new shares led the plate stabilized rebound, the stock market is certainly not the whole, but the level of stocks victimizes many varieties in the stabilized rebound, at present, before the 3000 effective smashed through the probability is very low, this round of adjustment to say is basically come to an end. The main willing in the pre oversold plate layout, which means the main optimistic about the holiday market. Is expected after the holiday will start a stock market rally. Therefore, the market can be considered short-term pullback. Coping strategies: ownership. Capital speculation: the main outflow of funds? 80% reasons: probabilistic description: Shanghai early outflow of 1 billion 187 million yuan, the gem outflow of 391 million yuan, the main capital outflow slightly. 66 industry sector, a large single net inflow of 12 funds, 54 large single net outflow of funds, inflow and outflow ratio is 0.22, the main capital outflow plate in large area. Two, 2680 in trading stocks, 967 large single net inflow of funds, 1713 large single net outflow of funds, inflow and outflow ratio is 0.56, the downturn in market sentiment. Coping strategies: the overall weak market shocks, holidays uncertain factors, the funds generally cautious, control positions involved. Hot conjecture: titanium dioxide industry leader announced price realization probability: 70% reason description: September 14th from the business agency was informed that the domestic titanium dioxide industry leading enterprises in Sichuan Lomon titanium industry, announced the price of billions. Sichuan Lomon titanium industry said that from September 14th onwards rutile titanium dioxide prices of domestic customers raised 500 yuan tons; raised the international customers $50 tons. Henan baililian chemical announced that since September 14th, titanium dioxide of various types of sales price on the basis of the original price of domestic customers raised 500 yuan tons, to international customers raised $50 tons. Analysts believe that this year, the continued rise in the price of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide prices continued to rise, corporate profits appear complex相关的主题文章: