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Those things you don’t know about the Shanghai housing market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? (editor Hu Jiajie) mentioned housing, most people think of is the traditional retail rental housing. However, in addition to the traditional retail rental housing in Shanghai, there are other two rental model, one is required by the government to provide public rental housing to meet the relevant conditions can be rented, another is emerging in recent years, long rent apartment. Public rental housing refers to the provision of policy support by the state, a variety of social subjects through new or other ways to raise housing, specifically for low-income groups to rent affordable housing. ?? If you are in Shanghai per capita housing construction area of less than 15 square meters, if you do not enjoy the low rent housing in Shanghai, the total property protection housing policy, as long as it meets one of the following conditions, you can apply for public rental housing in Shanghai! ?? 1, with permanent residence in the city, and the city units signed more than one year (including one year) of labor contract;?? 2, hold the "Shanghai residence permit" to reach more than two years (before holding the "Shanghai temporary residence permit" period can be combined), continuous pay society in Shanghai insurance for a year or more, and with the unit signed more than one year (including one year) of labor contract;?? 3, hold the "Shanghai residence permit" or "Shanghai temporary residence permit", pay social insurance in Shanghai, and the unit signed more than two years (including two years) the labor contract by the unit, and the unit agreed to rent public rental housing. Long rental apartments, also known as white-collar apartments, rental services will be leased by the housing enterprises, unified decoration renovation, in the form of a single rental. ?? Long rent apartment rental and ordinary retail rent difference, some apartments will come to rent-seeking people to interview, will provide the service to the apartment tenants with "Butler", open up a number of recreational and sports venues, apartment activities will be held on a regular basis. So, you want to rent in Shanghai, in the public rental, long rental apartments and retail rental housing, will be more inclined to choose what kind of house?  : [tips]: this page content, designed to meet the needs of the majority of users to collect information provided, not advertising service information. The contents contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, for user reference and reference, and ultimately to the developer of the actual publicity prevail. Pre-sale of commercial housing must be made pre-sale permit, the user needs to carefully examine the developer’s certificate information in the purchase. For more information, Shanghai Sina Locke WeChat     WeChat ID:shleju相关的主题文章: