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"Thirty meters underwater" ocean dream up Tour – Palau – tourism Sohu where there are people, there is a dream. A beautiful place there will be people, maybe you do a universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, thousands of miles, watched the scenery. But you don’t feel the tenderness of thirty meters underwater Underwater meters 30 ". You need to live a dream, the dream have a place, you need to find the other side is homing. "Underwater thirty m Underwater 30 meters" Ocean Dream journey. Alii Palau author Yorko Summer says, have oneself like???? it is to swim, swim ceaselessly, do not swim? Have to float on the water surface? Breathe a breath?! Of?… As long as you swim?! A year ago, itself do TV, and love the sea director Li Jingbai, and love of diving 20 years of editing???, when diving in Bali Island, suddenly on the initiation of the "thirty meters underwater Underwater meters 30" pick up ocean dream trip. "The other side of the water thirty meters Underwater 30 meters" sea pick up dream trip — hoping to make water??? The main purpose of the underwater world,???? water??? Induced? Marine source in the underwater world???? the??. This is the first in Taiwan to sea based underwater sound program, it is not a documentary, the story plot is not kind, but a group of people love the ocean sea, led a "primary ocean floating" Li Peiyu (host) with the intuitive way to lead you down to earth, underwater exploration. Thirty meters underwater in Taiwan Ocean????, the other collocation lies??? Water?, made a total of 13 sea diving. This station, Palau group? (Palau) Palau, the sea Yorko Summer, is the second hometown, is where he lived for 6 years. In the same way, the burning of the sea????????????? Into the water?. Sea passion Hotel recorded interview Palau before heaven disappeared there days uncharted sea?? last? Soil, you must go to a life?! Alii Palau Palau – the German air shoot Palau Palau Palau channel understand people know Palau is Palau? Shuike true?. The color of the sea is like?? a huge barrel???? coral????? Out?? the rose color, more???? as the fairyland? Poisonous jellyfish lake, the world??? Some natural milk lake, and the whole world of Hakka??? If the big hole,????. Palau- Changsha Palau Palau Palau beach is a natural scenery????? Beauty???,?? Pei, known as the "South Pacific?? the most beautiful pearl" of the United States, a more perfect??. The empty shot Palau Palau 1?相关的主题文章: