There is a seaside town in the East China Sea homefront

The East China Sea is a coastal city with mountain and water city tourism | 2016 08 Sina micro-blog 30 11:01 is a coastal town of the East China Sea, there are mountains and water city, rich fishing culture with the very meaning of history rhyme, primitive simplicity of the island scenery have a style, more of a pass through a time tunnel the movie. It has the blue sky, the sea, with flowers, stone forest, Ao town…. Xiangshan this small town is always the most beautiful gesture to let passengers do not want to leave. To meet with Xiangshan’s ancient relics of ancient city in Hong Kong Shipu? On the hill in the city of Xiangshan with three sides by the sea, has a long coastline, the unique geographical position of the achievements of this historic town. With years a narrative history of the wall, gave birth to a beautiful ancient street, let the sea wind, the waves, Shipu witnessed the changes of the times, leaving a dry memory. Pictures into the city, on the hillside steps up and down, eyes or over a thousand year or a brick, flashback story rooms, or a glimpse of a lovely conch, mind in history, and the romantic style of the cross in small household affairs turned. With the ancient city of Shipu along the mountain building, mountains and the sea, known as the "city in Hong Kong, the mountain in the city". It is connected to a fishing port, one deep in the mountain valley, and the building with undulating walls, gates on the shape and structure, high control port is the main features of "city of Haiphong" Shipu majestic ancient city. With a "fishing" and "city" together the town, gave us a search for the historical footprints habitat in memory, simple and quiet. With the streets full of twists and turns, carrying the cultural heritage of history, and ancient houses that the sea fishing brick, delicate to us tirelessly to the deep fishing culture. Xiangshan movie? Through time with romantic here is the ten largest film base one; here is the first real movie theme park; here is the national AAAA level scenic spots; here is the most unique charm of tourism destination. With the town of Xiangshan by Lake Town, fantasy world, world martial arts workshops, Kelly four functional areas. Sina pictures [declare] the travel license without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use. 1 Sina micro-blog | tour in 2016 08 months 30 days 11:01 unique architectural style, rich scene, far can shoot in Qin and Han Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties scene, nearly can be taken to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Republic of China era style. The rulers, houses, street and so on, different times of the scene can into the mirror here; the marketplace, martial arts, war and so on, different genres, different style of the film can be blockbuster film here. With the city is the town of Xiangshan following the "The legend of Condor Hero City", "spring and Autumn" city after surviving third locations. With its unique design blocks, textual research is solid, superb technology, beautifully decorated, fully reflects the period of the Republic of China Chinese and Western architectural style, vivid reproduction of people 2相关的主题文章: