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There are pictures of candid stall sound was arrested: no toilet paper into the men’s room October 28th, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Yuhuatai Tiexinqiao police station received a report that a building within the jurisdiction of a security guard was one of the staff and the boss caught in videotaping female toilet. Alarm police arrived at the scene found a man surrounded by the crowd, including a small static (a pseudonym) the woman said he was a victim, but the picture seems to be deleted our security, I hope the police to investigate the matter. The police will be brought back to the police station after the two sides to understand what happened: 13 pm the same day, work in a building area of the staff went to a small quiet toilet, small quiet, toilet compartment came next to hear the voice of photographs, and accompanied by a bunch of flash. Feel suspicious small quiet quietly out of the toilet, and pushed the door and asked if anyone, "the door next to the toilet is broken, the door was blocked, no one should be at the door." Then the little static the toilet door chuaikai after stopped, which turned out to be a man. Small static grabbed the man’s clothes in an attempt to prevent it from leaving, and shouted for help, the man was the boss of small static units, etc.. In the inquiry, the man was arrested Lee told the police that he was 23 years old, in the mansion where the small security. Lee said that men out of paper, but only in the ladies’ room. After the discovery of someone came in, a hot head of the woman next to the candid camera, and said he had deleted photos, I hope the police leniency". However, after the police investigation found that Lee’s mobile phone has since 21 consecutive women in candid photos of more than 100 Zhang, Lee that violations of their own confessed. Currently Lee has been in administrative detention. Yangzi Evening News reporter Ji Yuxuan相关的主题文章: