There are 3 days! Miracle concert is about to hit these things you need to know 66814

There are 3 days! The miracle concert is coming and you need to know these events sponsored by M Ruike media, began last year, a series of music activities has become a hot – Miracle concert in Shenzhen, after Shanghai, Guangzhou, after leaving the heat, will be located in Xiamen Sports Center on September 24th, brought a new wave of music for the climax of Xiamen Island, with go to the music for the typhoon of Xiamen warm. Miracle Concert – XiaMen Railway Station, the continuation of the miracle series of luxury all star lineup, the shock of the stage effect, first-class lighting and sound, is bound to create an unforgettable miracle night. Concert countdown 3 days, the preparatory work is being carried out in an orderly manner. N next to remind you, 1, a significant impact due to strong typhoon "Meranti", caused by road traffic congestion, in order to ensure the smooth and orderly way, accelerate the reconstruction and to avoid traffic congestion and parking difficulties, delays in your normal admission to watch the show, the organizers recommend that you take a bus or a taxi to travel. 2, please purchase from the official channels, if they are unable to purchase ticket admission, to remind the majority of fans do not believe that cattle, in order to avoid unnecessary losses to you. 3, note: the concert please take good care of your ticket to check, shall not be transferred, and the field staff will not recover stubs in any name, beware of others posing as the organizers to draw or any other name for the ticket. 4, is strictly prohibited to carry flammable, explosive and other dangerous items such as knives, food, hard drinks and other admission. 5, all the audience, guests, staff must conduct security checks through the security door. Because of the security needs some time, please the audience 90 minutes ahead of admission and condemnation. Do not drop out, the show began 60 minutes after the stop ticket. 6, one vote per person, admission. If children are admitted by parents to buy tickets admission. Admission is prohibited after walking around other ticket areas. 7, is strictly prohibited to carry the package, otherwise it will affect your admission time, large bags to be kept, the package must be strictly safe entrance. 8, after the end of the show, please put together the seat next to the garbage, the public needs you and me to maintain. Green travel, civilization view, thank you for your support, understanding and cooperation, I wish you a happy. N important traffic Raiders, the road to save you! Venue: Xiamen City Sports Center Stadium (Xiamen City, North Hubin Road, East Lake Road intersection) time: September 24th [19:30] Sports Center – peripheral bus West bus station 16 Road, 20 road, 31 Road, 80 Road, 86 Road, 97 Road, 301 Road, 854 Road, 855 Peak Road, 857 Road, 941 Road Sports Centre – bus station 31 Road, 36 Road, 85 Road, 103 Road, 115 Road, 758 Road, 951 road bus station personnel Center – 8 Road, 9 Road, 15 road, 16 Road, 31 Road, 80 Road, 97 Road, 301 Road, 306 Road peak, peak, 850 Road, 854 Road, 855 Road, 857 Road, 943 Road, 8 bus station – Ocean Express road,;相关的主题文章: