The Xiamen scenic area on schedule to complete the task 11 class a scenic open-exit safe mode

11 A-level scenic scenic spots in Xiamen on schedule to complete the task 11 A-level scenic spots open at the other 9 A-level scenic spots "eleven" before the orderly opening has been open: ancient culture and Art Museum, Hui and stone cultural park, Gulong sauce Garden (indoor), qingjiao Jizu palace, Dadeng Town, Sun Valley, Hulishan fort, Haicang Bridge tourist area, the Gulangyu Islet, Beichen mountain, Olympic Museum super typhoon "Meranti" after crossing the Xiamen tourism "self-healing" super capacity. As of yesterday, the city has 11 A-level scenic re opened its doors, the other is to follow the prescribed order A-level scenic reconstruction, most will be in the National Day "full of blood resurrection". Scenic spot on schedule to complete the task of Xiamen attractions are restored original small fresh." Yesterday, visitors from Quanzhou, Lin told reporters after playing with friends in Gulangyu Islet, I did not expect Xiamen tourism can recover so quickly. In "Meranti" after landing in September 17th, there have been media reports of Xiamen tourism recovery needs two months. However, in September 19th, that is, fourth days after the disaster, the Xiamen Municipal Tourism Bureau issued a "class a scenic spot is expected to open schedule," shows from September 18th to 30, Xiamen, the opening of a class a scenic spot. The timetable as a "military order", all damaged almost all scenic spots in accordance with the schedule on time, on time or even ahead of Re opened its doors. Such as the Beichen mountain scenic area, originally planned to reopen in September 25th, after a rapid recovery and reconstruction, in September 22nd has been reopened. As of yesterday, the ancient culture museum of art, Hui and stone cultural park, Gulong sauce Garden (indoor), qingjiao Jizu palace, Dadeng Town, Sun Valley, Hulishan fortress, Haicang Bridge tourist area, Gulangyu Islet, mount Beichen, Olympic Museum 11 A-level scenic spots after re opening. Another 9 A-level scenic spots will be open from today to October 1st. However, due to more serious damage to the scenic, leisure village, Jin Guanghu, Xiao Deng Fangte Magic Kingdom botanical garden, 4 scenic spots only partially open. Park Bo suffered heavy losses reporter found that as of yesterday, has not yet found a scenic spot in Jimei scenic spots. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Jimei district culture, radio, film and Television Tourism Bureau, today, Jimei Chengyi science and Technology Exploration Center will be reopened. According to reports, Jimei Ao Park and Jimei Crocodile Park will reopen in September 26th. Jimei Ao Park as an example of Jiageng building, in the typhoon damaged area is small, the overall basic well preserved. After proper management, Jimei Crocodile Park more than 3000 crocodiles intact, the park basically lossless. At present, Ling Ling circus animal most well preserved, in addition to scenic repair, circus city key post disaster animal epidemic prevention work. In addition, Xiamen Garden Expo Garden Xinglin Pavilion and other buildings suffered heavy losses, more than 3 trees damaged, only Mazu island and affiliated vegetation to survive. After the disaster, the Park Bo court quickly formed 6 action teams, the island of the park for the disaster investigation, ordered to carry out disaster relief and reconstruction work, open time to be determined. Tianzhu Mountain opening time to be determined)相关的主题文章: