The wind field is betting on limousine service Tesla to push the driverless car hyuna

VC bet limousine service will have to push the field of Tesla driverless car U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming earlier, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places have released the "network vehicle management measures about the draft", in all views release in different degrees on the net about vehicle driver qualification and qualification of lifting network about the car industry will face more stringent regulation, a lot of network about car drivers or because the household registration does not conform to, or because the vehicle standard of non-compliance and re facing the choice of occupation. In the industry view, the new network about the car market may face a re shuffle, the most worrying about the car or drops and other network giants have been at a disadvantage in this game. Facts have proved that the valuation bubble drops and Uber generated fierce competition between each other. A large number of investors saw the Uber and drops the funding gap for this subsidy war will add chips, car platform to valuation bubble. Rather than ending the bubble game is a piece of paper, rather than the investor’s own enthusiasm, ignoring the potential policy risks. Only by sharing economy and health super unicorn, whether there is a slim chance of survival? However, in the discussion of this topic, more high-tech unmanned car seems to be coming. The American company Tesla said recently on the official website, the company plans to launch a special project, and prepare for the next year announced details. Tesla CEO Mask in July this year for the first time in the "overall planning" is disclosed in this project, the "Tesla network" project in the company announced Model S released together with the function of unmanned driving. Mask also describes a system for Tesla owners can through the mobile phone application will own a car to join Tesla’s team, in order to obtain income from, reduce the cost of car ownership, can use unmanned vehicles or pick friends carpool tesla. Although some accidents occurred before, but Tesla decided to drive to the end, and announced that all of its cars will be equipped with the upgraded version of unmanned hardware. In fact, global auto makers are rushing to invest "travel service", hope that through the car sales and car service to excavate the potential of trillions of dollars in the market. As the car in the field of leading enterprises, Uber and other industry giants will face greater challenges. According to the Reuters statistics, as of June this year, the risk of investors and corporate investors have to invest nearly $28 billion car services. GM also has big bets, in January this year to the American car company Lyft invested $500 million. However, the driverless car about the network…… do you dare to sit? Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: