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The whole democratic public gold chest line thirty times the gold for you to "hit" [Abstract] the Lord gold chest and hit the golden egg "activities will be the hot line, more rare props, massive gold to wait for you to take! Recently, the Tencent Webpage Game "national master" will be a new activity! As the most fiery three tower defense game, in order to support the game since the feedback has been many game player, game player to meet the pursuit of higher effectiveness, August 26th 00:00 to August 28th 23:30, the game will limit launch gold chest and hit the golden egg send gold activities. The chest in the probability of burst of gold enough to let you quickly improve the combat capability, going on the battlefield, and a large number of gold coins treasure required by smashing golden egg activity to get fast, two major activities as complementary, bring more convenience for the game player. Time to help you free a golden chest equipment more surprise August 26th from 00:00 to 23:30 in August 28th, [gold] Limited treasure struck activities will be the hot line, all of the above 45 game player every day free from 1 times gold treasure! Each box are hidden massive rich rewards, including the soul, Zijin stone, senior grade 2, to have the fat panda and 2 star stone and other rare props, more opportunity to get the complete equipment of Feng Ling golden robe! In addition, the player can also spend 880 gold coins even pumping more than ten times, more open opportunity means that you can earn more rare items and a higher chance of getting gold. So, how to quickly get more gold in chest activities, hit the golden egg "activities will be massive gold round your dream. Thirty times the critical strike back! Massive gold big run August 26th 00:00 to August 28th 23:30, hit the golden egg "during the activity open. All players recharge 5 yuan each, you can get a chance to hit the golden egg 1 times. Every time you need to destroy the gold egg players consume a hammer and 10 gold, up to 10 yuan per day to recharge. But after the break, the crit ratio multiplied by 10 of the gold award! Each of the three times are 30 times the crit will drop the egg! Only 10 gold investment, the highest return of $300. Activity lasted 3 days, that is to say, the highest 30 gold game player broke the egg, get massive gold! After get the gold, but also in the gold treasure in a large number of rare materials and gold extraction equipment. In August 26th, the "national master" limit the chest and hit the golden egg activities fiery strikes, gold, gold, all come out! "All the king" – "all the Lord ‘s gone pack master" official website: "national master" official forum: a Tencent Tencent game game, the world’s leading game developers and operators, the largest online gaming community. "Intention to create happiness" concept, the game through the work in a number of Tencent product segments, to build a diversified platform four, is committed to providing game player "trusted", "happy" and "professional" interactive entertainment experience. Tencent games, intentions to create happiness!相关的主题文章: