The weekly closing beware of the black swan, 10.14 crude oil asphalt short compression, or will rebo

The weekly closing beware of the black swan, 10.14 crude oil asphalt short compression, or will rebound to break new Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Remember Ma said a word: I never enlighten who to join my team, even if the money I have something to ask for investment advice, dad asked mom asked her husband to ask a friend, ask all the people, finally still worried, you still don’t do it! Successful people only need to have courage, a little risk to bear, you always go! We don’t waste time. I want to say is the purpose of investment is to make money, benefits and risks of this is that everyone knows what a good teacher do not say first call a single how accurate or what, risk control is the most basic must pay attention, this is the basis of investment, long-term can not be ignored. Healthy profit is the ultimate goal. I have always advocated a sound based, put an end to any irresponsible investment funds! Good attitude and superb technical guidance is to invest in the market does not fall sailing, every day to give you the analysis of the strategy, it is better to teach you the real technology, to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish has always been my creed! I prestige 599787670, to provide a separate guide [news] introduction of oil prices on Friday (October 14th) up, because the energy market is tight, and the technical indicators to attract financial professionals to buy. But doubts about the feasibility of the reduction action, still let the market pressure. U.S. crude oil futures reversed early losses, rose 1[%], rose above 51 mark to above $51.05 a barrel; Brent crude oil futures rose 0.60[%], the highest hit $52.42 a barrel. Traders said the U.S. crude oil prices rise, benefit from the tight supply of fuel. Despite an increase in US inventories, oil prices rose overnight, as U.S. fuel supplies fell to lows this year. U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA) announced, including diesel and heating oil, including distillate stocks fell 3 million 700 thousand barrels, gasoline stocks decreased by 1 million 900 thousand barrels. Analysis of the market of crude oil and bitumen [] thought yesterday the United States crude oil inventories increased 4 million 900 thousand barrels, the end of the five weeks of continuous decline, but the decline in stocks did not continue to depress prices, crude oil prices rebounded in the fall after a brief, because oil inventories dropped to offset the negative impact of crude oil inventories increased, in addition the number of crude oil imports continued to Chinese the increase also provide support for oil prices. From the trend of crude oil can be seen beneath the current buying is still strong, the drop in oil prices gave the Bulls a better entry position, market sentiment is still biased bullish price. From the disk, the crude asphalt bottom rebound after yesterday, although the callback but the magnitude is not great, fell to data digest, rise is a return to the line, behind the continuity adjustment of the sun, walked a perfect step up three. From the perspective of hours online short period forming a head and shoulder at the end of the form, days to focus on the $50.1 support, retracement does not break more than a single approach; the most important support level or below $49.3 in line, although the bad news yesterday相关的主题文章: