The United States voted for the first polling station to open the final closing of the polling stati sexhu

One of the first American election polling stations open Alaska polling station finally closed – Sohu news in new network on 8 November, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. presidential and congressional elections of the first polling station, local time 8 days to 5 a.m. (Beijing time 18) open in vermont. According to reports, — Virginia, and other eastern states of New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Indiana, Kentucky, the vote in the local time 8, 6 in the morning (Beijing time 8 days to 19 points). Beijing at 19:30 on the 8, the key Ohio and North Carolina polling stations open. Beijing time 20 points, more than the eastern United States, including the crucial on the election results in Florida, Illinois, and Georgia, Louisiana, Washington and Maryland and other places of the polling stations open. It is reported that the United States is the first batch of closed polling stations in Kentucky and Indiana, closing time is 9 days, Beijing, at 7 points. After that, Ohio will close the polling station at 7:30. Reported that the last batch of voting in the mainland of the United States will be closed at 9 o’clock in Beijing time at 12 o’clock, Alaska polling station at time off. The United States held a presidential election on November 8th, local time, will elect the president of the United States, the house of Representatives and 1/3 senators, the governor of the state of the 12 states and the 86 legislative bodies of the 44 states.相关的主题文章: