The third black grape picking Festival kicked off

The third black grape picking festival began to eat Shuangyang, of course is very important. "The season is the best mentor delicacy", accompanied by the autumn day is coming, Shuangyang District Hei Yu Cun grapes are also a large area of mature, bring good static temperature for the upcoming September. In August 27th third, blackfish grape picking village collective economy and Exhibition officially kicked off. Blackfish village located in Pinghu Street office, has 20 years of history of grape growing, with honey, summer black and more than ten varieties, planting area of 40 hectares. Fresh grapes for the whole village into a fresh aura, the park can also build tents picnic, barbecue, fishing, learning wine brewing…… With the warmth of all elements of the snakehead coincides with the hospitality of these have become a busy life agree without prior without previous consultation, the good flavoring agent. On the day of the opening ceremony, from the provincial news media, photography, hiking Master Master also came to the scene, fresh tasting different vineyards from grapes. In addition, we visited the village collective economic achievements, from the township (street), the village collective production Wine deer products, organic fruits and vegetables, grains and other agricultural and sideline products everything. The villagers Uncle Lee also brought the hand woven straw art, simple shape, feeling warm and comfortable with the hand, rustic breath blowing. All works of art will be in Grape Festival in Jinxia grape picking Park continue to display, make people feel the simplicity of folk customs. Eat the big stomach King King competition has mobilized the enthusiasm of the presence of the masses, active atmosphere. The festival period, Shuangyang District Tourism Bureau Changchun coordination of the travel agency in the city launched a "black grape picking + Yulong hot spring DIAOSHUIHU national Forest Park" Grape Festival special tour itinerary. To the last outing friends do not have to spend precious vacation, fatigued by a long journey, a simple weekend can experience in Shuangyang hot springs, forests, grapes, wine brought to relax. (Yang Sen)相关的主题文章: