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The sun in Hodgson class arena without civil status to handle head – Sohu   Hornacek finally after class sports. After the road loss to the Dallas Mavericks, with a poor record of 14 wins and 35 losses, Hodgson finally remove the sun boss burden, become this season fourth fired coach. Sir Hornacek had served for three years as a teaching assistant in the 2013-14 season in the sun, he served as the first coach, then led the team with 48 wins and 34 losses record. Just because there are too many teams in the west, the playoffs are weak. It can be said that Hodgson’s debut season was pretty impressive. The sun was also named as a new generation of Xiaoqiang, and had a reason to rise again after Nash. However, the management is not awesome, and they have a stingy to creepy owner Robert sarver. All the money together, everything for money services. Under the guidance of such a basketball philosophy, the team is rarely used in the operation. And even more puzzling is that the team has two Star Defender de Rakic and Brad Alfonso, and recruited a small assassin Thomas. Three, although the court occasionally play beautiful ball, but in addition to good viewing, the team’s record of help is not great. So, for half a season, the team also met Thomas. The management and also enhance the Hornacek’s coaching difficulty. The 2015 offseason, the team had twin brother Marcus away, thoroughly angered brother markieff. Michael tweeted expressed his dissatisfaction and threw towels at Hornacek during the match to protest. For such a thorn player, Hornacek seemed at a loss what to do. He didn’t have a significant place in the NBA League, and he didn’t seem to be able to manage players. Not only are horses, but also Tucker, Ryan and other players unhappy with Hornacek. The end result was that he was personally suspended by the players. Without confidence, it’s natural for Hodgson to split with his team. As a coach, Hornacek is responsible for it. A don’t understand Li Wei, also do not understand self-man coach, excessive laissez faire and ultimately make their players have tasted the bitter pill. Of course, the management is not as also makes Hornacek became the I fight a lone battle. Plus the knock trampled record, class is no doubt. Unfortunately, Hornacek’s beautiful daughter, I’m afraid it will never appear at Feinikesi’s home. (he guy) 太阳内乱致使霍帅下课 江湖无地位难以驾驭刺头-搜狐体育     霍纳塞克终于下课了。在客场输给达拉斯小牛之后,带着14胜35负的糟糕战绩,霍帅终于卸下了太阳主帅的重担,成为了本赛季第四位被炒掉的主帅。   霍纳塞克曾在爵士当过三年助教,2013-14赛季在太阳他首次担任主帅,就率队拿下了48胜34负的优异战绩。仅仅是因为西部强队太多,才以微弱劣势无缘季后赛。可以说,霍帅的处子赛季相当惊艳。这支太阳也被冠以新一代小强的称号,在纳什之后有了重新崛起的理由。   然而,太阳管理层实在是不够给力,并且他们有一位吝啬到令人发毛的老板罗伯特-萨沃尔。一切向钱看齐,一切为钱服务。在这样的篮球哲学指引下,球队在运营方面鲜有作为。而更加令人不解的是,在球队已经拥有两位明星级别后卫德拉季奇和布莱德索的情况下,又招募了小刺客托马斯。三后场虽然不时打出漂亮的小球,但除了观赏性不错外,对球队的战绩帮助并不是很大。所以,用了半个赛季后,球队又送掉了托马斯。   管理层的昏庸也提升了霍纳塞克的执教难度。2015年休赛期,球队把双胞胎弟弟马库斯送走,彻底激怒了哥哥马基夫。马基夫发推特表达了自己的不满,并在比赛期间向霍纳塞克扔毛巾以示威。对于这样的刺头球员,霍纳塞克显得有些束手无策。他在NBA联盟并没有显著的江湖地位,而且在管理球员方面也显得毫无办法。不仅是马基夫,塔克、莱恩等球员对霍纳塞克也心存不满。最后的结果就是,他本人被球员架空了。在彼此没有信任的情况下,霍帅与球队分道扬镳也成了自然而然的事情了。   作为主帅,霍纳塞克当然是要承担责任的。一个既不懂立威,也不懂立仁的主帅,过分地放任球员,最终让自己尝到了苦果。当然,管理层的不作为也使得霍纳塞克变成了孤军奋战的寡人。加上磕碜的战绩,下课是毫无疑问的。只可惜,霍纳塞克的娇艳女儿,恐怕再也不会出现在菲尼克斯的主场了。   (何氏佬)相关的主题文章: