The shock is gold payrolls data Beware of raid shuyue

The shock is beware of "assault" gold payrolls data hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Kim 2000, editor of the Fed rate hike on the longbow "boots" has landed, but gold shock consolidation trend continues. October is approaching, and most of the holidays will be different from the rest of the market, the gold market due to a high degree of correlation with the overseas market, before the holiday operation is also more important. Industry experts remind National Day during the international gold price is still in shock or consolidation, the biggest factor during the festival is in October 7th the U.S. payrolls data released. Domestic factors closed based on recommendations to "reassuring" investors choose short holidays. Experienced last week because of the fed to postpone a slight rebound in interest rates, the international price of gold again this week down. As of press time reporter, the international spot price of gold has been adjusted from the beginning of the week up to $1342 ounce to $1320 ounce. In fact, since the three quarter of this year, the gold market has been in the process of "looking for direction", thus showing sustained concussion ready trend. Minsheng Bank financial market analyst Tang Xiangbin opinion, the current gold market is still not found the direction. Since the beginning of the year, gold prices have risen by about 24%. At present, this increase is relatively large, so in the short term the price of gold in the absence of external factors to stimulate the case, will still be dominated by shock." Tang Xiangbin expected. For the upcoming "Golden Week", Tang Xiangbin believes that if no unexpected events occur, the "black swan" overseas gold market trend also will continue to shock box, or the range of the price of gold at $1310 an ounce to $1350 an ounce of shock adjustment. He believes that the FOMC meeting minutes from the Fed’s latest release in September this year, the tone to raise interest rates during the year once has been basically established, therefore announced at the beginning of the October payrolls data, the market impact is relatively weak. However, Shandong gold chief analyst Jiang Shu believes that although the fed to raise interest rates during the year has become a high probability event, the market has basically reached a consensus, but investors still underestimated the payrolls data for the market impact. The Fed’s interest rate hike is the most important data is non farm payrolls data and inflation, so the non-agricultural data for the market still has some reference value and value." Jiang Shu analysis. He pointed out that if the release of non farm payrolls data is very beautiful, it is expected to raise interest rates in November may be expected to rise, the market atmosphere may also change, the price of gold may therefore be suppressed. On the contrary, the price of gold may still get some support, and upward rebound. Therefore, Jiang Shu believes that even if the National Day did not appear on the market "black swan" event from the perspective of investors cautious, or to prevent non-agricultural "assault" mentality clearance. "Short holidays more at ease." Jiang Shu’s theory of form相关的主题文章: