The Seventh World Longyan townsman Pro Union conference held in Fujian Longyan Beijing – in pgd-426

The Seventh World Conference of Pro Longyan townsman held in Fujian – Longyan Beijing, China News Agency, Longyan, November 5 (Zhang Jinchuan Wen Lianguang) 4 days to 6 days, by the Longyan Municipal People’s Government of Fujian Province, organized by the Xinluo District People’s Government hosted the seventh session of the world Longyan townsman Pro friendship meeting held in Xinluo District of Longyan city. From Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan and other 18 countries and regions, and Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing City 32 community 780 Longyan folks (among them, 463 official delegates, allowed to return home, sightseeing folks 317) converge together, contact nostalgia, friendship he is the development of xiangfan. Longyan townsman Pro world friendship meeting held every three years, organized by the Longyan home and around the world Longyan Association hall in turn. "We have lived overseas, but the heart of the homeland, the hometown change rapidly change, turn the world upside down time affects the development of overseas Chinese heart." The next session of the World Conference of Pro Longyan townsman overseas on behalf of the organizers, Australia Song Qingling foundation President Chen Xinghui said at the opening ceremony, the hometown, hometown has changed again, let us shake, let us proud, proud. Chen Xinghui said, we must play the role of a bridge between overseas communities, unite and lead the Longyan folks overseas, uphold and carry forward the positive, hard to the spirit of Longyan, support the development of home construction, make the home development plug wings, take the steps forward, connecting the world, to the world. "In the same vein of a pro root, nostalgia memorable accent." Shanghai Longyan (Xinluo) Branch Township, honorary president of the association of Xie Jianying said, I remember the last time the family reunion will be held in Longyan, "a wa Department of Longyan" Song struck with every one of our folks heart again today to listen to this song touching song, once again aroused our deep heart the hometown feeling. Xie Jianying said, no matter where we go, unique dialect, unique style, common nostalgia, this cut and torn, we closely linked together, as we grow the source. "Family reunion will be once again for the Longyan folks around the world to build a bridge of communication, cooperation and win-win, to gather together at home and abroad Longyan folks heart and power." Xie Jianying said, we will as in the past to domestic folks care home, multi-faceted publicity Longyan, Longyan promote, tell a good story in Longyan, Longyan to enhance the visibility and reputation in the domestic, matchmaking, home exchanging, more let a person with breadth of vision to invest and develop together, create a better tomorrow in Longyan. Deputy Secretary of Longyan municipal Party committee, municipal government acting mayor Lin Guoyao pointed out in his speech, sincerely hope that the villagers for Longyan development suggestions, hope to contribute their talents; economic construction, home investment matchmaking, introduce and recommend foreign friends to invest in Longyan, tourism, leisure and health. Family reunion will be held during the opening ceremony and folk art performances with local characteristics of Longyan, "Longyan Dialect Dictionary" ceremony, Lin Guoren, Deng in the Education Foundation awards grants award and award of Education)相关的主题文章: