The second annual meeting of China manufacturing 2025 and industry annual meeting held in Beijing, tonya mitchell

The second session of the 2025 and 4 of the global Chinese manufacturing industry will be held in Beijing – Beijing Chinese Industrial Economic Federation President Li Yizhong in September 26, recently, guided by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Xinhua news agency, Xinhua news agency, "national financial weekly", the Ministry of international economic and technical cooperation center, China smart Host 2016 of the second session of the 2025 Chinese manufacturing and industrial 4 global annual meeting held at the Beijing National Convention center. China and Germany are important manufacturing countries in the world, and the two countries have a broad base of cooperation in the construction of ecological, intelligent, open interest community. To build the Sino German dialogue and exchange platform for intelligent manufacturing enterprises, explore the new path of Sino German cooperation in the future, this annual meeting to build intelligent manufacturing system and Implementation Path "as the theme, from the main forum for 24 days and 25 days of the five parallel sub forum. Special, German governments, enterprises and other representatives, analysis of the new industrial revolution in the global economic trends, interpretation of the German industrial 4 status quo, insight into the new trend of Sino German cooperation. By sharing the best practical experience in China and Germany, to solve the most urgent needs of China’s manufacturing, so that the industry is no longer a concept of the 4 dispute, so that intelligent manufacturing solutions landing, so that the future can be clearly touch. China Federation of industrial economics, said Li Yizhong, intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of China made 2025, in the current need to promote its integration into the supply side structural reform of the task. The first thing is to solve and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, in fact, through the relevant data analysis, through technological innovation to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, has the features of low investment, short construction period, quick returns, etc.. This will play a very important role in the structural reform of supply side. The Chinese academician, Academy of Engineering China Academy of engineering, former vice president Gan Yong Gan Yong said in his speech, in the "2025 China manufacturing", "intelligent production is the main battlefield of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, intelligent products is the main battlefield of high-end equipment innovation project, product mode change is the main battlefield of manufacturing services action plan". The main tasks of the intelligent manufacturing engineering include: six aspects of network collaborative manufacturing, intelligent workshop, intelligent robot. But it is worth noting that, in the German Federal Information Technology and Communication Technology Association (BITKOM) director Wolfgang Dorst 4 industry view, in the current global manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transformation and development, whether it is the German industrial 4 or 2025 China manufacturing, the core problem is how to through the first digital and digital drive industrial operation of future the. That China academician Liu Baicheng still speaking, digital design and manufacturing is the key technology in intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing is the development trend of advanced manufacturing technology. German linkage, keynote speech two days, both sides of the guests took turns, brought the German industrial 4 best practices, advanced manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing at the forefront of the field of information for the presence of more than 500 participants. .相关的主题文章: