The preservation fund emerged difficult to replicate the capital preservation fund unpopular tsumori chisato

"After the guarantee fund made difficult to copy the capital preservation fund popular Securities Times reporter Wang Rui capital preservation fund to suspend approval of stock capital preservation fund issue has come to an end, but the market for guaranteed income low risk product demand is still very strong, in order to maintain the operation of the strategy of" guarantee "funds came into being. However, insiders said that such funds are still facing some problems in the operation, in order to copy the previous preservation fund is not easy hot. "Security" fund currently has "guaranteed" budding fund was established, there is still the issue, as established in May Changsheng Tongtai mixed, is the issue of Manulife TEDA sadahiro mixed, South Aetna hybrid pension funds, these funds have adopted a fixed proportion portfolio insurance preservation fund commonly used (CPPI) strategy. Capital preservation fund is a flexible allocation of fund products, and class capital preservation fund is a hybrid fund. "Guarantee" fund with preservation strategies but not promise guaranteed is between two debt based and guaranteed fund varieties, it is more than two debt based preservation strategy, performance volatility has decreased, and less than the guaranteed fund guarantee mechanism. These "guarantee" fund is also characterized by a mandatory dividend income guarantee, pocket for security, such as long Sheng Tongtai Manulife TEDA sadahiro. CPPI strategy in investors continue to have asset appreciation potential at the same time, to avoid or lock the risk of falling asset prices, the possible loss of using low risk assets income to compensate for higher risk assets, the corresponding reduction of the portfolio system risk and non systematic risk, in pursuit of the principal safety; high risk assets in the market may appear the rally, win excess returns. A fund manager in Beijing said the CPPI investment strategy is the bond market a good opportunity to have a chance, so as to contribute to the formation of a safety cushion enough; moreover, the next period of time, equity assets investment also has high security. Class capital preservation fund how to operate it? The fund manager said, will use Jiancang period fixed income investment strategy, in high-grade credit bonds, short duration, low maintenance of leverage, focusing on liquidity and retracement, participation in bond trading opportunities. After the end of the barn, if to maintain the current macroeconomic environment, still continue to be optimistic about the bond market, moderately increase the duration and leverage continue to credit debt investment, and actively participate in the bond market. To participate in the equity market investment after accumulating a certain safety cushion. Difficult to copy the capital preservation fund hot class guaranteed fund is only using the CPPI strategy, does not promise to ensure the safety of principal, in operation is also facing some problems. Ji An Jinxin vice president Wang Qunhang pointed out that investors buy the capital preservation fund is the pursuit of safety of principal, operation and management of fund guarantee fund is in full accordance with the operation mechanism of the capital preservation fund to fight a question mark. In addition, the capital preservation fund is usually 3 years of operation, the core investment strategy of each year there will be differences, but the class guaranteed fund does not have such a period of operation, how to reflect its security features is also a problem. Shanghai, a fund product manager said, class guaranteed fund does not guarantee, when the propaganda to explain the trouble, it is not easy to sell, it is difficult to copy the capital preservation fund unpopular, not.相关的主题文章: