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The people of Deyang chicken chicken found treasure doctor: best not to eat stomach Kang could not bear to throw away the "chicken treasure". Figure provided by the respondents recently, Ms. Deyang Minkang slaughtered an old hen, a hard lump was found in the chicken belly. She suspected that she had met the legendary "chicken treasure"". "Don’t know if you can eat it?" Is it of medicinal value?" Ms. Kang is not willing to throw, I hope someone will help her identification. Reporters see, this lump is pale yellow, about half fist size, shape similar to ordinary eggs. After the cut, the inside is a yellowish paste, like the yolk. "I’ve never seen anything like this. Some people say it’s chicken treasure." I went online to check it out, and I found some people said it was a good thing, and it might even be priceless." Ms. Kang said, so she has been "chicken treasure" in the refrigerator. The reporter then consulted Jingyang District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry station. Staff said, folk circulation of "chicken treasure" should be chicken body stone, or organ lesions. For the "chicken treasure" priceless saying, the staff said that there is no such possibility. Li Shaoyan, deputy director of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, said that in the Chinese herbal medicine, there is no "chicken treasure" this flavor medicine, it is recommended that the public should not eat at will. Reporter: Li Han a week infraredimages serious accident in Luzhou three vehicles collided 1 dead 5 injured in Sichuan two old people live in a cave for 54 years in Sichuan to live Shenxianjuanlv beauty teacher will see what the real thing in Chengdu the largest area cut top illegally built buildings street Chengdu beauty Bai Maomei tender legs

德阳市民杀鸡发现肚里有鸡宝 医生:最好别吃 康女士舍不得扔掉的“鸡宝”。 图由受访者提供   近日,德阳市民康女士宰杀了一只老母鸡,在鸡肚子里发现了一个硬疙瘩。她怀疑遇到了传说中的“鸡宝”。“不知道能否食用?有没有药用价值?”康女士没舍得扔,希望有人帮她鉴定一下。   记者看到,这块疙瘩呈淡黄色,约有半个拳头大小,形状与普通鸡蛋相似。切开后,里面是淡黄色膏状物质,如同蛋黄一般。“我没见过这种东西,有人说是‘鸡宝’,我上网去查,发现有人说这是好东西,甚至有可能价值连城。”康女士说,于是她一直把“鸡宝”放在冰箱里。   记者随后就此事咨询旌阳区农业局畜牧站。工作人员表示,民间流传的“鸡宝”应该是鸡身上的结石,或是器官发生病变。对于“鸡宝”价值连城的说法,工作人员表示不存在这种可能。市中西医结合医院副主任中医师李邵燕表示,在中药材里,并没有“鸡宝”这味药,建议市民不要随意食用。   记者 李涵   一周热图:   泸州发生严重车祸 三车相撞1死5伤   四川老两口住山洞54年 活成神仙眷侣   四川高校来了美女外教 看了还会逃课么   动真格 成都最大面积顶楼违建被拆   街拍成都美女长腿嫩白貌美相关的主题文章: