The outbreak of the 9’s premier counter attack Guardiola three + two klopper MicroHand Jones-ca1816

Premier: Guardiola’s counter attack broke out 9 three + two Jones klopper MicroHand Guardiola MicroHand activation of sina sports in general more than Manchester City year after year league players, the state will inevitably be some changes, while looking for a new season of "recovery" or "breakout" players is a very interesting thing. The Premier League this season zhanba 6, there are a lot of players out of a very eye-catching performance, than their last season had greatly improved. Magic melon handsome! The activation of Manchester City in three Kolarov will usher in a large outbreak of Manchester has made 6 Premiership winning streak of the perfect start, coach Guardiola also set off a whirlwind swept england. The Spanish coach hands frequently, many players in his glow. One of the most surprising perhaps to the number of the Serbia side to know Kolarov, who was already very close. But in the central position, was criticized for defending the weak and strong attack Kolarov show full back style, Guardiola also praised general under played one of the best defensive performance I’ve ever seen. Arsenal legend Martin – Keown is praised Kolarov and that his style is reminiscent of the former World Cup winning captain Bobby moore. Kolarov in the melon handsome system to give full play to his control and combined with the ball, Manchester City, the performance of 11 exceeded everyone’s expectations. Stryn were extremely eye-catching "blue moon" another impressive outbreak of course is Stryn, last season the 49 million highs, and could not continue to play in the expectation level. His performance at the European Cup was a disaster, and he even had to see a psychiatrist. But under Guardiola, Stryn has emerged as one of the most talented young players in England. The 6 round of the Premier League he has contributed a total of 4 goals and 2 assists, to know that last season, he scored only 31 goals in the Premier League, but also a total of 6 goals and 2 assists. The Stryn games are extraordinary soared from 1.3 times to 3.7 times, the breakthrough success rate is increased from 57% to 65%, in the continuous threat to the opponent. Won the Premier League player of the Month award demonstrated outstanding performance in Stryn, and people look forward to his course, not only these. Otamendi also has a significant improvement compared with two teammates, Otamendi is not so amazing, but his play has been significantly improved. If the season is somewhat less adapt to the rhythm of words, so this season however will undoubtedly become the most trusted Manchester City a metal gate. In his one-on-one defense shows powerful qualities, but also as an important part of the transmission control system, help the team began to organize the attack from the back. Argentina defender one to one success rate increased from 68% to 74%, passing success rate of up to 88.5%, the average number of passes through the game to improve by up to 13%, and even every game can also have a threat pass 0.6. Otamendi, who came to Manchester City with a super high price, is now showing his value. Two wonderful chess state is good except Klopp lalana Manchester, 4 wins 1 flat 1 negative start and a series of teams of the Liverpool beheaded is also impressive. In the park under a vibrant red)相关的主题文章: